Friday, January 20, 2017

Still Here

In case you are wondering (and don't follow me on Instagram or Emi's facebook page), we are still here. We are still riding the crazy train of a 3 year old horse in the winter. Some days are great...some involve lunging only. Monday afternoon she was a nut and a fellow boarder commented that "she's athletic". I'm not sure what gave her that idea...maybe the bucking or the trotting around with her tail up over her back like an Arabian. Haha.

Emi says "don't believe everything you hear"
I've been riding Roz about once a week and he's been great! He feels decent (video also on Instagram) and seems to enjoy getting out with me. It's been delightful to back on him. I sure do love that boy!
That face is just too cute!

Showing a younger horse around the neighborhood. Rozzy Ridge=worth his weight in gold. 

I'm starting to piece together some horse plans for the spring. We have a clinic with JW in 2 weeks. In March I'm hoping to attend a dressage schooling show and also take a field trip to see JW. April is Rolex but also might include another show at the beginning of the month. Spring can't get here soon enough!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Just Do It

After getting home last night I was really not feeling barn time but knew I needed to work Emi since she'll have the next 2 nights off. After getting out to the barn I began tacking her up and decided that I'd just lunge her in side reins. On second thought, I decided to put my half chaps and helmet on, just in case I wanted to ride. 

Wouldn't you know she was nice and quiet on the lunge line, something she hasn't been lately. After a short lunge I hopped on. We had a solid ride. She was spooky and a little bit unsettled but we worked it out. I rode her forward and she didn't do anything dumb. I'd call that a win! 

When we moved on to the canter she kept trotting faster with no canter in sight. I slowed her and asked again. When I didn't receive the correct response she got a light swat, to which she took offense and decided to buck. Another swat, another little buck, but we finally found the canter. We practiced several canter transitions, crossing the diagonal like we did at the clinic. After some good effort from her at the canter I brought her to a halt and hopped off. Our ride just re-confirmed that I never regret choosing to do something with my horse. Sometimes you just have to get out there and do it.

"That was hard"
Snow again...

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Winter Weather

We've been getting a lot of snow....which is not much for many of you. Normally we are "lucky" to see snow once in a winter but we've seen it 3 times and they are forecasting for more. Not only that, but last week we had very cold temperatures (for us). Normally the low 20's is quite low for us and we were at 10 degrees the coldest night of last week! Since Emi's impaction colic during cold weather a couple years ago I always feel a bit paranoid when the temperature drops.

On top of that, the winter weather advisory for snow/freezing rain caused our JW clinic to get cancelled for the weekend. I had been riding very diligently, working on our "homework" but then the nasty weather hit last week and I was sick with a cold. Emi ended up with the week off (after a Monday ride) and we are still trying to get back in to the swing of things (side note: canceling the clinic was totally the right call, the roads were very bad).

Horses were inside over the weekend and Saturday morning Emi was worked up! I took her over to the arena for a little play time and she galloped around for a little while. She has started cross firing (when cantering around loose). She has always done that occasionally but she was doing it A LOT on Saturday. I think she's growing as her butt seems to be taller so I think she may just be out of balance. She appears to be sound and was just recently seen by the chiropractor so I don't think there's anything else going on (I also lunged her last night and she didn't crossfire at all).

Saturday afternoon I decided to ride Roz around the neighborhood, quickly deciding that I should take Emi along. I wasn't sure how easy it would be but both horses were great. Emi's morning play time in the arena had settled her down and Roz is always game for a hack around the farm.

That's about all that is going on around here...I'm counting down the days until spring! 

Love these two!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Since Roz is currently at NDF (the stable Emi lives at) I’ve ridden him a couple of times recently. Sunday afternoon I rode him a little bit in the arena and then took him on a trail walk around the neighborhood. Our ride was very nice. He feels decent trotting under saddle, and he’s always loved going out on the trails so that’s fun. He marches along with his ears up, happy to be exploring the world.

When we returned to the barn I thought I’d give him a quick tail wash as his tail is pretty muddy. I took him in to the wash rack and tripped on the curb on the way in, almost falling flat on his face. I turned around to look at him and he had his neck twisted and his mouth open. I knew he was hurt I just wasn’t sure where. My friend April came over and said he’s bleeding. Sure enough there was quite a bit of blood coming from his mouth, his lip specifically.

The poor old guy used his face as landing gear and had two chunks of skin hanging from his lip. With some sedative and lidocaine on board we were able to snip the pieces of skin off and he was good to go. Now my fingers are crossed that it heals well.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 Goals

I’ve been thinking about my goals for 2017. In a lot of ways I feel like it’s an “off” year. Last years main goal were to get Benny sold and Emi started…mission accomplished.

This year it’s more about continuing what we started. I’ve considered going to our first ever recognized dressage show (both hers and mine) but I’m not sure if we will do that or not. I’m on her time frame, with no schedule or expectation as to where we should be at; when she’s ready we’ll go. I hope to take her to a few league dressage shows this spring/summer, showing her at intro until we are ready to tackle the canter needed in the training level tests. 

Her ride-ability is improving so much! Just last week I was noticing how much better our steering has gotten. It’s mostly reliable at this point and I can ride her like a big horse, using both inside and outside aids to communicate what I want. Of course the steering is less refined at the canter but that’s alright, it’s where we are at right now and I’m really pleased with the direction she is heading.

All that being said, for the record, here are my goals for Emi:
  1.    Show at intro and transition to training level by the end of the summer (if not sooner). I think 3-4 shows would be perfect. 
  2. Toying with the idea of doing the 4 year old test (if we go to a recognized show). Has anyone ever done this? I’m sure we won’t be competitive against her warmblood counter parts but how many years can we compete in the 4 year old tests? 
  3. Continue to trail ride (at least once a month and hauling out as the weather improves).

Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 Blogger Gift Exchange

This is my second year participating in the blogger gift exchange and it's always so much fun. Horse people are so good at giving awesome gifts to other horse people. This year I got a lovely package from Cathryn at That Red Mare.

This is the information I provided:
  • About Me: I have a 3 year old welsh cob who I am preparing to compete in dressage this coming year. I love pink/purple/teal. Specific gift ideas: Fly bonnet (standard sizes fit the pony), mane N tail detangler, bit wipes, a new paddle tail brush,  
Inside my nicely wrapped package was a lovely grey and pink bonnet. I told my friend that it will match one of my saddle pads super well... and I then found out it was made to match that saddle pad. Emi will be stylin' this year! The bonnet was made by "If the Bonnet Fits."

The pad it will match so perfectly with

I also received a purple tail brush, Cowboy Magic detangler and some treats. I got almost everything off my list! Of course I had to pull Emi out of her stall to model for me last night....

Can you say adorable? Thank you, Cathryn!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Family Reunion

Emi and Roz have been re-united. I’m in the process of moving, so Roz has moved to NDF for the next month or so. He’s on pasture board since there’s isn’t actually a stall open for him. In the morning I put him in Emi’s stall, to eat his grain. The first morning I brought him into the barn (she was still in her stall as I planned to swap them right there). She was so excited to see him and almost ran me over when I opened her stall door.  There was no squealing, ear pinning, or anything else just arched necks and sniffing each other. It was as if they were both saying “I wondered what happened to you.”  Talk about cute! As the week went on there has a been a little less enthusiasm but you can tell they know each other.

Yesterday I decided to take advantage of having him at the barn and took him for a ride. Emi’s saddle fits him well so that was an added bonus. I hopped on him in the arena and off he went. We trotted around a little bit but that was the extent of our arena riding. He felt decent and I was happy with that. I then opened the gate and we went for a walk down the barn driveway. Roz loves to “trail ride” so he was marching along with his ears up. It was so nice to be on his back and going for a ride. I’m hoping to get out on him at least once a week. I think he enjoys it as much as I do.