Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 Goals

With the start of the year I have really been thinking about what I hope to accomplish this year with Roxy.

Last year, although I didn't write anything down I was hoping to take her to her first show, cross country schooling, to the beach, and to do more trail riding. I also hoped to improve her flat work and to get her started over fences. For the most part these goals were met. Her flat work has improved greatly and we got to go on many fun adventures. The only thing we didn't get very far on was getting more experience for her over fences.

For this coming year I have several goals. A lot of it will depend on how Roxy continues to progress and what she is actually ready for.

1) Compete at a few dressage shows. Starting at training level and hopefully be ready to start first level by the end of the season.

2) Begin schooling over fences a few times a month, getting up to 2'6" courses.

3) If everything else is going well....compete Beginner Novice at Inavale's Horse Trial. This goal is most dependent on her progress over the next few months.

Of course we will continue to go on lots of adventures. Saturday trail rides with our friends Mary and Rainy, the beach with Tarra and Tolo, and any other opportunities that present themselves. :)

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