Sunday, January 17, 2010

Awesome ride

I really need to go to bed (work in the morning) but I just had to write about my ride today. Roxy was LOVELY! I think she was a bit tired from her jumping work yesterday. She was very soft and quiet today. Happy to go forward but not at all racey. We had tons of fun lengthening down the rail bringing her back and then pushing her out again. She got all her leads easily today and had a couple lovely trot/canter transitions. We also played with moving off my leg across the arena like we did in our past lesson. She remembered that well and moved right off my leg. It was a great ride and one that just reinforces what a nice mare she is.

On the other hand we are having some trouble with her saddle fit. She has some white hairs across her back right under her saddle. She has NEVER acted sore so I haven't been really concerned about it but have kept my eye on her. I think that I have finally figured out what's going I just need to figure out of it is fixable or if I need to purchase a new saddle for her. When you tighten her girth the front of the saddle pulls down and the back goes up, just barely keeping contact with her back. Because of this I believe that once I am on her back the saddle is rocking slightly from front to back putting extra pressure towards the front. I am working to get the name of a County saddle fitter as I currently have a County saddle. I have also found an Ainsley saddle in one of our local tack shops and may take it to try it on her. On top of that, Roz's close contact saddle which I have had for around 7 years doesn't fit her well because it is too wide.

So, now I am wondering if I shouldn't just sell both of my saddles and try to get something that fits them both better. Moose has a Pessoa saddle that fits all of my "kids" and fits Roxy especially well. But, since everyone needs their own saddle I can't use it on her all the time. Oh well. I am sure I will figure something out. If anyone knows of a good saddle fitter or loves their saddle let me know! :)

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