Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun Plans

Miss Rox was great today. She was not paying attention when we started out but after a couple reminders to go forward and accept the bit she was great. Her canter work has improved SO much! I am trying to practice a lot of transitions and circles with her in preparation for showing. I am too happy to just get in to the gait and canter around for a while enjoying it. Unfortunately dressage tests only allow you a circle before you have to move on to something else. 

 She gave me a couple flying changes again today switching from right to left. It's really lovely to have a horse that easily does changes. They are certainly not anything we are working on but when she picks up the outside lead and offers a change I'm not going to tell her no. 

I also worked on pulling her mane today. Neither of us really enjoy the activity but it has to be done. When I first got her, she let me pull it once no problem. After that there had to be food involved or else she would shake her head. Now she shakes her head regardless. Today we tried a twitch. It worked great but I felt really bad. I only pulled for a couple of minutes and offered several cookies and loves when I took it off. I plan to pull some more, early next week but figured I would start slow. 

It looks like my plans for February are solidifying. The first weekend I hope to haul her over to a friend’s barn to jump. The second weekend we may just be schooling at home. The third weekend is our first show of 2010 where we will be doing Training level 1 and 2. Finally the OSU dressage team is putting on a clinic with Kathy Casey the last weekend in February. Throw in a couple lessons and trail rides with Mary and we should have a great month! 

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