Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gorgeous day

Roxy and I enjoyed a gorgeous winter morning out on the trail with Rainy and Mary. The girls were prancy when we first got on but settled down just a little ways down the rode. Rainy was lookey on our way out but Roxy really didn't care. She tires out very quickly once we get trotting up those hills.  She did seem tender on the rocks today as she is barefoot behind so I am going to go ahead and have hind shoes put on her next week when her feet get done. Mary and I are getting the girls ready to ride a trail that makes a loop. I have never ridden it before but it is fairly long. We were out for about an hour and a half, covering close to 6 miles. The girls were very quiet on the way home and were happy to be turned out for the afternoon. Since the weather was so nice I went ahead and turned Roxy out with out her blanket on.

I went back to the barn this evening to bring Roxanne a new waterbucket and to put her blankie back on. She had been playing hard to catch, but I think she was worried that she may actually be left out all night because she came galloping to me when I went out to get her. Silly girl!

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