Saturday, January 9, 2010


Roxy and I went to our second practice for the OSU event team today. I always think that she may be naughty....and she proves me wrong. I love that! We hauled with a couple of friends that were in the second practice group and Roxy and I were in the third. We got to hang out for an hour before getting ready to ride. It was fun to get to watch the other riders and allow Roxy some time to graze.

Once I had her tacked up we headed down to the arena. On our way Roxy began to prance. I was trying to figure out what was going on when I noticed another horse heading to the arena blowing and snorting. My first thought was "Oh, great." Although Roxy tends to be pretty good it is never helpful to have a horse being wild in the arena with you. Despite the other horses's antics she was great! We spent about thirty minutes on flat work before we started jumping.  She worked well in the group of four that we were in. One thing I really appreciated about her (although I'm sure her race trainer didn't appreciate it) is that she is very un-competitive. She isn't worried about being in the lead or catching up with other horses on a circle. It makes my life much easier!

For jumping we just worked through a 3 stride line. Starting with a crossrail to a pole, then crossrail to crossrail, crossrail to verticle, and finally to an oxer. This was Roxy first oxer jumping experience. She was a little unsure but when told to go she did.  She came back nicely at the end of the line and seemed to enjoy herself. The last few times through the line she was beginning to get tired and was drifting right to the first fence. Overall I was really pleased with how she did. I'm looking forward to jumping her again soon.

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