Monday, January 4, 2010

A Lesson on Straightness

Tonight was a lesson night. I always look forward to a lesson and what we are going to accomplish during it. We worked alot on getting Roxy straight. I have a tendency to overuse my left rein and Roxy, as with most horses, likes to throw her body to the outside. We started off asking her to leg yield off the wall to the center line and then continuing on in the same direction. As we progressed we turned it into a sort of figure eight. Leg yielding off the wall to the center line, turning the other way and leg yielding back to the center line and so on. Roxy's tantrums are becoming less severe and are lasting less and less time. She is very easily frustrated and her first response to something new is a loud "I cannot do this!" It's pretty humorous at times but I am also glad to see her becoming less agitated when presented with a new idea.

Even tonight as she decided she could not leg yield left, she began to back up. I was instructed to continue to ask her to move off my left leg. She continued moving off my left leg while backing the length of the arena. Once we reached the rail she continued forward and we finished the exercise. By the time we were finished she was moving off my leg all the way across the arena, corner to corner.

We then moved to working on a circle. Asking Roxy to counter bend just a little bit and to bring her shoulders around. We would leg yield in on the circle with me keeping a very soft inside rein and supporting her on the outside one. She had some beautiful moments of relative straightness. What a great feeling!

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