Saturday, January 2, 2010

My other "kids"

Even though this blog is mostly going to to be about my adventures with Roxy there are a few other equine pals that deserve an introduction.

First and foremost- Rozzy Ridge. "Roz" came into my life at just the right time. My confidence had been shattered by my previous horse and I was in need of something safe and fun. In my mind he was little too small and a little too old to be my perfect partner, but that is just what he became. He gave me my confidence back when I needed it the most. He and I have enjoyed many fun adventures: trails, the beach, cross country, and showing. He loves to jump and we have had a blast together! Now he is getting the opportunity to teach someone else.

"Moose" is my third horse and he is a gentle giant. He belonged to my childhood friend for many years before he became mine. He spent years competing in children's jumpers before becoming a lesson pony. He is very straight forward and fun to ride. Although willing to jog around the arena he also loves to jump.

Last but certainly not least, Tarra and Tolo tend to be our adventure buddies. She is also blogging their progress through out the next year. You can read about them at

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