Saturday, January 16, 2010

Playing with Friends

I love my horse! There are many many reasons. I am so proud of how much she has grown up in the time that I have owned her. Over the summer she had a little bit of trouble loading. After a few fights she realized she would either get in the trailer or have her butt beat...and get in the trailer. :) She is now back to loading like a dream. This is something that I really needed in a horse as I often haul by myself and need a horse that is safe to load alone.

So, after loading beautifully today we hauled over to Arbor Creek Farms to jump with Tarra and Tolo.
Currently my goal is to make sure I am jumping her at least twice a month. She really seems to enjoy jumping and I like how calm she is about it. We introduced her to the idea of a bounce today. She was a bit uncertain the first couple times through it but we kept it simple with a pole to a crossrail. She gave me one beautful flying change today so that was fun! She gave me one earlier in the week as well.

I always appreciate when she does them as Roz has never been inclined to do flying changes. The good thing about him is that he is great about getting his leads over the fence or if he really needs to he will do one.  Back to Roxy...

So far she is very easy to jump. I want to continue to reinforce that it is not only easy but enjoyable. I got another short video today. I will also post a few pictures later.

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