Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blue Ribbon Show

Roxanne went to her second dressage show today. We moved up from Intro A and B to Training 1 & 2. It was kind of a mixed bag. She is really great with almost everything involved in showing-clipping, loading, hauling, wrapping, warm up arenas etc. Unfortunantly the one thing she dislikes is leaving all of her warm up buddies and going in to a strange arena to ride.

She warmed up fairly well for our first test although she was a bit slow with her trot to canter transitions so that was a little bit weird since she normally has very nice up transitions. She was quite forward once in the show arena but was under control. Once we turned down center line she kind of spooked moving into the dressage court and started cross cantering. She had a nice moments scattered through out the test and scored a 7 in her first canter-trot transition. Later she scored an 8 on one of her trot circles and a 7 in the collective marks for her gaits.

Once out of the arena a lady on a beautiful warmblood (who was up next) asked me what Roxy's breeding was and how old she was. She then told me that I should not part with her and that she has an amazing canter. That was pretty neat!

I expected her to improve for her second test but unfortunantly she was more worried. She had a little mini-explosion in her first trot-canter transition and got a 4 for the transition but then she got an 8 on her canter circle. :) I also got a 6+ for my riding with the comment that our test was "tactfully ridden-good choices!"

Moose also went along to the show. He did well in his first level test but also got worried along with Roxy in his training level test although he also scored a few 7's and 8's. For some reason the hot walker on your way up the arena really worried him. He was happy to get home to roll and run in the arena.

I will post the video I got of Moose's training level test and Roxy's first test sometime tomorrow. For now I have got to go to bed!


  1. How awesome! Congrats! I am so very jealous of your showing endeavors.

  2. Thanks. It's fun although it's much more of a challenge with a greenie. :)


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