Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dressage Team Clinic

Roxy got to go to her first clinic today...and she was pretty good! The clinician told me that I should consider breeding her to a warmblood as she is very nice. 

 I lunged her for about 20 minutes before getting on to ride. She was very quiet on the lunge line and was doing a good job checking everything out. Once I got on she got antsy. She started to worry when the previous horse left the arena, and then horses at the barn started getting turned out. Of course, horses that have just gotten turned out often run around. She was quite distracted but we tried to get her put right to work. It took about ten or fifteen minutes to really get her to work. After that she just got progressivly better. Kathy had me really talk to Roxy while we worked, especially when another horse calls to her. She seemed to respond pretty well to that. Too bad you can't use your voice in a dressage test. :)

 We spent quite a bit of time working on getting Roxy and I very straight. We are both just a little bit twisted and I was given two things to work on 1) Keeping my chin and eyes UP! 2) Keep my right hand correct as I tend to ride with it funny.  

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