Monday, February 1, 2010


No one can deny that horses are expensive critters. I happen to own three of them. Between board bills and the farrier they have cost me $720 in the last 2 days! That doesn't count the $40 I just spent at Wilco on "fun" stuff.

Everyone was great for the farrier yesterday. It's so nice to have good horses. Roxy plays in the bungee cross ties while her feet are getting worked on. Rozzy is great for the farrier but needs to be held by his mommy or else he gets scared. If he is being held he will stand quietly the whole time. Moose stands happily in the cross ties while he is being done as well.

Next time Roxy is done she is going to get a special shoe to help lift the back of her right front foot. She had a wedge pad for one shoeing and her foot was looking better but this cycle her heel began to grow along the ground again. My farrier would prefer to not use plastic wedge pads with all the moisture we get here so he is going to make her a custom shoe with extra metal in the heel. We are hoping that will help and it will either straighten out her foot or just keep her more correct for a longer sounder life.

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