Friday, February 19, 2010

Getting ready

Today was full of getting ready for the show tomorrow. Erin, a fellow member of the dressage team is taking Moose so I feel like I am sort of getting 2 horses ready. I had a very nice ride on Roxy this morning so I was happy about that. I then left her to go to school, play with Roz, get some stuff set out for Moose, and then back up to clean Roxy's legs up and clip her. We will see how she does tomorrow but I think that horse was meant to be a show horse. She is so good about all the pre-show clean up (doesn't really like her mane pulled but who does?) and is a dream to clip. We are hitting the road right around 5am. Wish us luck! :)

Now I'm off to clean a bridle, gather up a few more things, hook up the trailer, set out my clothes, get a few snacks together and get to bed early!

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