Monday, February 1, 2010

Outside rein

I understand that a horse should be on your outside rein but...getting them there is not always easy. This was one of the big things we worked on in my lesson tonight, especially while tracking left. We are working to stretch Roxy through the left side of her body as she is tighter on that side than through the right side of her body. While tracking left I really have to work at using my outside rein and giving my inside rein. Tracking right I have to ask her to flex right stretching through her left side. I also need to work on keeping my reins shorter and demanding a little more each ride.

We had some lovely canter transitions and a couple of miscommunications which resulted in flying changes. We also worked on turning on the center and quarter line, staying straight and doing a couple nice steps of leg yielding with out holding with my inside rein. There is always so much to learn but I really enjoy the challenge.

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