Sunday, February 14, 2010

Possible change of plans...

Although it looks like we have figured out our saddle situation I'm not sure we are completely cured.

Friday I lunged Roxy in her surcingle and side reins. She was very quiet and well behaved.

Saturday we hit the trails with Mary and Rainy. Roxy was somewhat resistant and kept wanting to stop as we went which is unusual for her. Once we turned around she was happy enough to head home. 

She wasn't turned out today due to pasture conditions so I wanted to keep that in mind when I worked her. I lunged her for a while before actually hoping on to ride. She was fussy tracking right and did quite a bit of bucking that direction on the lunge. I only rode her walk/trot but she was decent. 

We are supposed to be heading to a show on Saturday and a clinic the next Saturday. I don't want to be pushing her if she is really trying to tell me that she is hurting. Hmm...I have a lesson tomorrow so we'll see how that goes. If we decide that she needs more time or an adjustment for the soreness through her withers than Tarra has kindly said I can take Mr. Tolo (from blog: Rescue to Ribbons) to the show.

I should have a decision tomorrow night. And my new Mattes pad should be here. Yah!

We got a taste of spring weather today and it left me dreaming of summer! :) 

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  1. Uh oh!! I hope you can figure out what is bothering her, and quickly. Mysteries of that nature are no fun :-(.


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