Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A saddle that fits?!?

Today Roxy and I got to work with a saddle fitter. We have been struggling with her saddle fit for a while. Early this fall I noticed some white hairs across the front part of her back. She did not appear to be sore so I have just kept my eye on it. I've been lunging her at least once a week recently and have had a chance to study the way my saddle is sitting on her. The front part has been pinching down while the back has been flapping around.

A few weeks ago I was in at Equine Exchange and I saw a nice Ainsley dressage saddle. I sat in it and liked how it felt. I was able to set up a saddle fitting and today we got out answer!

Casey immediately agreed with my assessment of my County saddle. Although this was sad since I really like the saddle, it was not a complete surprise. Roxy is sore through her withers which also made me a feel a bit better since she was rather naughty last week. She is generally a sweet girl so it was rather surprising.

The Ainsley fits a little tight through the shoulders but I am getting a mattes correction pad. With the pad it fits well and Roxy seemed to be more comfortable in it. Ultimately the saddle needs to be re-flocked to be softer than it is but for right now the pad should help. It would be great if I could afford a $2900 custom County saddle but since I can't afford that we will settle for the $200 pad.

The pad should come by Monday. I am looking forward to getting Roxy more comfortable. I feel bad she had to suffer with a poor saddle fit for too long but as Casey said at least I am taking care of it now. If anyone has a need for either a dressage saddle or a close contact saddle let me know. I have both for sale! :)

I had to laugh when I got this tonight. This is a text from my friend Dana after viewing Roxy's bucking video "Oh Alanna. I'm ROTFLMAO I just saw you oh snap your head off on Rox. How is your neck?"

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