Friday, February 5, 2010

Wild Child

Today was a rather strange day. The weather was beautiful and Tarra came up to play with Roxy and I. Roxy normally had Tues/Wed/Thurs off. This is not ideal but since I am finishing up school along with working part time its what I can do. I normally lunge Roxy on Fridays but don't often ride. I pulled her out of the field and got her ready to ride. I went ahead and threw her on the lunge line first just to make sure she wouldn't be too crazy. She was nice on the lunge line and after about ten minutes I hopped on.

She started out a bit distracted but I reinforced that she needed to go forward and accept the bit. She soon settled in to work. We were happily coming up the rail when Roxy decided to spook at Tarra getting out the video camera. She did a couple bucks before I got her put back together. We continued on and had some lovely moments. Some time later while cantering down the rail she again started bucking! Thankfully I was able to stay on her and get her back to work. Tarra had been planning to hop on but with her wild behavior we decided a different day may be better. Tarra opened the door so I could cool Roxy out with a nice walk down the road. She had other ideas and instead tried to bolt through the door, rearing once outside. I got off and we practiced going in and out of the door politley. Once we had that figured out she got to go back on the lunge line for more work. Wow, what a day.

I'm really not sure what is going on with her. The saddle fitter is coming out on Tuesday so we'll see what she says about our saddle. Once we get that figured out we will go from there. Hopefully we got the kinks worked out today so we can have a nice time over fences tomorrow.


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