Saturday, March 20, 2010

Equine Expo

Today was so much fun! It was busy from start to finish but full of horses and friends. I got up fairly early to take care of all of my ponies and get a couple worked. I had a nice ride on Roxy and I am so happy with how comfortable she is with her new saddle! After my morning at the barn I hurried over to the equine expo taking place in Albany to watch Mary and Rainy in the George Williams demonstration on collection.  It was fun to watch and learn from.

Then the shopping began! Dana and I had great fun looking through all of the booths that were there. I got a great deal on a pair of large pink nunn finer boots. Guess how much!? They are regularly around $40 and I got a pair on clearance for $5 bucks. How crazy is that? That was my deal of the day. A big thank you to Tarra who pointed them out to me.  Besides that I got a new helmet as my schooling helmet is ten years old (bad, I know). Roxy also got a new pink water bucket and horse treats. Overall it was just a great day with gorgeous weather and a lot of fun.

Hanging out with Mary and Rainy before their ride.

Watching mustang makeover with Tarra and Sharon. 


  1. It was fun!! And those boots were GREAT deals!

  2. No kidding. That was the deal of the year! :)


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