Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I mentioned in my last post that I am going to start riding Tolo some....well I did! I took him to a horse show on Sunday and we got a 70% at training level test 2! That was the first 70% I have ever received and it was so much fun. I had only ridden Tolo twice (Saturday and Sunday at the show) in the last 3 months, if not longer.  Then he went on to get another 70% with his owner Tarra at first level test 1!!! Tarra won her class and I got second in my class of 14 people. He was such a star!

The girl that leases my old show horse, Roz, rode him in her very first show on Sunday as well. They did a great job for their first show together and Erin had a lot of fun.

Roxanne is enjoying her time off. I visited with her yesterday afternoon. She is such a sweet mare and has so much personality. 

Erin, Roz and I

Tolo and I

Tarra, Tolo and I.

Video to follow as soon as I can get it up. :) 


  1. YAAAY! Thanks for the videos in the above post too. Tolo is very talented and adorable! And you are a lovely rider. Congrats to both of you on a well ridden test. Sounds like you will still be enjoying yourself this summer regardless of what fate had to throw your way.

  2. Thats my man :)
    It will be a full and fun showing year this year as long as I get the money to do it! Now that I got him going we aint stopping for nothin!

  3. Thanks Rachel. It's nice to have a good back-up (who's farther along than the original :) And kind friends who will share!


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