Thursday, November 4, 2010

165 Days to go

This is like a Christmas countdown, except....BETTER! :) I am so excited to see her beautiful baby. I got a chance to hang out with her on this sunny November day. She is such a goofball most of the time! Loves to hang out with "her people."

Her forelock was super dirty so I ended up taking her into the wash rack so I could clean it up. She was great for that. I clipped her bridle path and her whiskers too. She never minds the clippers and was happy to mouth them while I tried to work. Here are a few pictures of the gorgeous girl today.

"Hurry up mom!"

So cute!

"Who? Me?"

I've got to say, I love this mare!

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  1. There is nothing like waiting for a baby horse! Best kind of countdown ever! And mom looks like she's enjoying her beauty treatment.


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