Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas Roxy

It's hard to believe Christmas has already come and gone. I got some fun new horsey stuff. A pair of pink riding gloves, a new surcingle, a shedding blade, hoof pick and both Pie and Roxy had stockings stuffed with apples, carrots, horse treats and they both got new combs for their mane. Roxy's is pink and Pie's is purple. All of my friends know me well. :) I also took out an orange for Miss Rox since she likes them.

I also got to take Roz on a nice Christmas Eve trail ride with Tarra and Mystic. We enjoyed a nice walk through the forest. :)

 Roxy reaching for her orange
 Pie got to share in the orange eating
Roxy's stuffed stocking!

 Tarra and Mystic
Roz and I

Saturday, December 18, 2010

7 Months!

Tomorrow, Roxy is 7 months along! It's hard to believe we have already made it that far. Her placenta checked out fine earlier this week and she weighed in at 1235lbs. She *may* be a little on the fat side....but probably not for long.

At 7 months the baby is 9-17lbs, 14-28 inches, and has hair on it's lips, nose, eyelids and tip of tail!

Here are pictures of Miss Rox from early this week.

In other news, the baby's daddy, Quick Silver Bey, is going to be heading down to Scottsdale Arizona in February for a big Arabian Horse Show. This show will be his debut at Prix St. George! We can't wait to hear how he does. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Checking In

We are chugging right along towards April 19th. I am so looking forward to meeting this little guy! Roxy is doing well and may even be a little bit fat. Oops! Her placenta is being checked tomorrow. We have reached another spot in her pregnancy where foals are commonly slipped. Checking her placenta could give us a head up on any potential problems.

The last week has been super rainy here in Oregon. Roxy was in for a couple of days. Friday I spent some time grooming her and took her over to the arena to stretch her legs. I haven't taken her over there since we decided to give her time off, and bred her. Because of this she hadn't seen the new mirrors that have been put up in the arena. Of course, being the bold girl that she is, she puffed herself right up and trotted on down to check it out. She is such a cutie. She never did roll or even run around. She would trot if I jogged along with her but that was about it. Here are a couple pictures. The quality isn't very good as they were taken on my cell phone. 

Looking at her gorgoues self in the mirror 

 Big belly

 Pretty trot

Following her mom around

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I hung Roxy's stocking up last week and she promptly tore it down. When I was telling my parents my dad said she just wanted a stocking for her baby too! I put together a stocking for baby today and hung them both back up.

How cute is that? We have been referring to the foal as "Baby Pants" so that is what I put on it's stocking. Also, baby's owner is hoping for a boy so I made sure to get a "boy color" for it's stocking. :)