Saturday, January 1, 2011


It's hard to believe I have been writing on this blog for a whole year. Tarra and I started them as a way to track our horse adventures. Although this year didn't go quite as planned there have still been plenty of fun adventures and learning along the way.

I broke my foot

I graduated from college

Tarra and Tolo went to OHSET State

Erin and Roz went to their first show

And cross country schooling for the first time

I got Pie!

And Tarra got Mystic

I got to go to Dover in TEXAS
Got to cheer on Mary and Rainy as they tackled second and third level

And in the life of Roxy

Roxy started really learning how to jump and we joined the Event Team at Oregon State University

We got a new dressage saddle to take the place of the one that was messing up her back
We went to our first dressage clinic

We went to our second dressage show. Although Roxanne was a bit naughty I had a lady on a lovely warmblood tell me what a gorgeous mare she is and that she has a great canter!

Finally, after some very naughty behavior that we narrowed down to being a painful response,  Roxy was leased and bred for an April 2011 foal. 

And so Roxanne has spent the last several months lounging around the pasture with her "Uncle" Bailey, allowing the baby time to grow.
We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of "Baby Pants." This next year should be filled with stories and pictures as the foal is born and as it grows. I am planning to put Roxy back to work this summer to see if time has allowed her to heal (and maybe grow up a bit too! :)  2011 should be a great year!

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