Saturday, January 29, 2011

We got to....

See Baby Pants move!!! Last night Roxy was getting brushed and we got down to her tummy and it jumped! I was called over and got to see it again. Apparently we wore the poor little thing out because we didn't see any more.  I tried poking at him a bit but he didn't do anything else. Roxy stood happily in the middle of her stall wondering what we were doing. Silly pony. It was a very neat experience. Now we are going to have to start taking her blanket off more often so we can see him move.

I also had a dream two nights ago that we got to do one of those really cool 3D ultrasounds they are now doing with people. We could actually see the whole baby. He had all of his legs and a super cute face. I couldn't tell if he had four white socks or not but I bet he did! :)

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  1. OH that is COOL! I didn't know baby horses "kicked" like a baby human kicks that people could feel... but I guess that makes sense now that I think about it :) How exciting!


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