Monday, February 28, 2011

Riding Again

I haven't gotten to ride much in the last week as I have been busy preparing for OHSET. I finally got to ride in a lesson tonight on Rainy. I am having so much fun! Things have gotten so much easier for me over the past couple of months. I started the night out walking her on a loose rein for a good 20 minutes. She worked very hard over the weekend so we wanted to really give her a chance to loosen up and relax. Once working we again practiced halting from the walk mostly off my seat, being able to relax my hand forward, keeping my legs on, and having her stand before asking her to walk off again. This was easier than it was the last time for us. We worked on spiraling in and out on a circle, bending around my inside leg with my outside leg back and an opening inside rein to bring her nose around. From there we moved to leg yielding which I struggled with a little bit because I wasn't riding her well enough through the corner. Once I got the turn set up better the leg yield was just fine. We did quite a bit of canter work, asking her to really lower her head and neck and to canter slowly. We worked some trot/canter transitions as well and those got much better for us as we continued. Rainy and I also did one flying lead change that was fun and went pretty smoothly. It is so fun to ride such a well schooled horse. As soon as I get something right I can really feel the difference in her and I love how responsive she is.

Now more than ever I really want to get to a point where I have a really good partner in my horse. I want to enjoy riding and be able to move to the next level with a horse that is willing to work with me. All of the horses I am currently riding are good workers and it makes them a pleasure to ride.

On another note we are down to 49 days until Roxy is due. She is getting so huge! She was stretching her legs in the arena tonight and her belly is enormous. I am looking forward to the next 2 months as she continues to grow and we get closer to "Baby Pants" being born.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

9 months

Roxy is now at 9 months! We took her "official" 9 month pictures last night. "Baby Pants" was very active last night and we had so much fun watching him. Also, daddy, Quick Silver Bey is showing in Arizona this weekend. He made his debut at Prix St. George yesterday winning his class with a 65.8% and getting a standing ovation! How cool is that!?!

At this point the baby should be 37-44lbs, 24-36inches, Hairs short and thin on body except for abdomen and inside of thighs. In the next 2 months he is going to almost double in size!!!

Quick Silver Bey
I am REALLY hoping for those 4 white socks on our baby. :) 

Playing with sand on her plate. Soon she will be a "ten." 

9 months
9 months

8 months for comparison

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lesson Monday

Today was a lesson day for me. This week I rode my trainers mare, Rainy. She is very fun although she is not an easy ride for me. As I have improved in my riding over the last year or two I have become better able to ride her. The first few times I rode her I couldn't turn her (since I wasn't using my seat and legs) so we would run in to the wall every now and then. lol She really challenges me but it also very rewarding because of her training. When I get something right she responds very easily and I can feel that we "got it."

Tonight we again worked on not pulling or holding her with my hands but using my seat and legs more for communication. Asking for an inside bend and having a breathing outside rein to allow her to come around. We had some really beautiful trot and canter work that felt so good! We halted from my seat, and spiraled in and out on the circle working on having a soft elastic connection. She collects really easily off of your seat at the canter which is also very fun. Our lesson flew by tonight and I am looking forward to the next one!

I am so blessed to have people allowing me to use their horses to ride during this transition time for me. I am really enjoying the chance to ride some well schooled horses to improve my riding.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I groomed Miss Roxanne tonight, who is 64 days away from her due date. She is shedding SO much! The hair is just falling off of her. She loved being curried and fussed over. I took some new pictures so you can all have a sneak peek before her 9 month pictures on Saturday. :)

 Post clean up 
 Look at that belly!
 And her pretty tail 
 Trying to get a picture with her while she wiggles her lip on my arm :) 
Cute pony

Monday, February 7, 2011

Always Learning

I had a great lesson on Bailey tonight! I haven't ridden him as much in the last week. I did hack him around a bit on Friday, and I got to ride Roz, Tolo, and Gator this weekend.

We started off working on me not pulling back while riding. I was supposed to be asking him to soften and become loose through his neck by flexing him in and out while asking him to go forward. He has a big bouncy trot that is really fun to ride. We were able to get some really nice canter transitions and some nice canter work as well. We also did some fun stuff tonight. We played around with leg yielding along the wall, haunches-in, and also did a little bit of counter canter at the end. It hasn't been easy but I feel like I am doing a better job being able to use my body more correctly and when I get to the correct spot with my hands I am having an easier job maintaining it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Trail Ride

Tarra and I got to hit the trails with our boy's today. I hauled Roz up to the barn so that we could explore the trails around there rather than the trail's by Roz's house. It's also good for Roz to have to haul somewhere every once in a while so he's not out of practice. I got him all cleaned up at his house so I could pretty much hop on and ride once we got to the barn. He loaded quietly (as usual) while I was talking on the phone to my dad. :) Once at the barn I threw his bridle on, grabbed the mounting block and hopped on. He was a bit looky to begin with but once we really got out on the trails he walked along on the buckle. We stopped to take pictures before we turned around and were able to get some hikers to take our picture together.

They were very interested in Mystic but politely asked what breed Roz was too. :) Then they went right back to commenting about Mystic. It was pretty funny. It's so nice to enjoy the quiet forest in the company of friends. Tarra and I visited all the way out, and all the way back. Once back I took a few pictures at the barn before taking Roz back home. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

 Roz looking up the trail

 Finally looking at the camera

 Tarra on Mystic, Me on Roz

 Pretty picture back on the farm

Roz saying "hi" to one of my other buddies Bailey. I think they look fairly similar....

 Looking for a cookie....

Saying "hi" to Roxy