Saturday, February 19, 2011

9 months

Roxy is now at 9 months! We took her "official" 9 month pictures last night. "Baby Pants" was very active last night and we had so much fun watching him. Also, daddy, Quick Silver Bey is showing in Arizona this weekend. He made his debut at Prix St. George yesterday winning his class with a 65.8% and getting a standing ovation! How cool is that!?!

At this point the baby should be 37-44lbs, 24-36inches, Hairs short and thin on body except for abdomen and inside of thighs. In the next 2 months he is going to almost double in size!!!

Quick Silver Bey
I am REALLY hoping for those 4 white socks on our baby. :) 

Playing with sand on her plate. Soon she will be a "ten." 

9 months
9 months

8 months for comparison

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