Monday, February 7, 2011

Always Learning

I had a great lesson on Bailey tonight! I haven't ridden him as much in the last week. I did hack him around a bit on Friday, and I got to ride Roz, Tolo, and Gator this weekend.

We started off working on me not pulling back while riding. I was supposed to be asking him to soften and become loose through his neck by flexing him in and out while asking him to go forward. He has a big bouncy trot that is really fun to ride. We were able to get some really nice canter transitions and some nice canter work as well. We also did some fun stuff tonight. We played around with leg yielding along the wall, haunches-in, and also did a little bit of counter canter at the end. It hasn't been easy but I feel like I am doing a better job being able to use my body more correctly and when I get to the correct spot with my hands I am having an easier job maintaining it.

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