Monday, February 14, 2011

Lesson Monday

Today was a lesson day for me. This week I rode my trainers mare, Rainy. She is very fun although she is not an easy ride for me. As I have improved in my riding over the last year or two I have become better able to ride her. The first few times I rode her I couldn't turn her (since I wasn't using my seat and legs) so we would run in to the wall every now and then. lol She really challenges me but it also very rewarding because of her training. When I get something right she responds very easily and I can feel that we "got it."

Tonight we again worked on not pulling or holding her with my hands but using my seat and legs more for communication. Asking for an inside bend and having a breathing outside rein to allow her to come around. We had some really beautiful trot and canter work that felt so good! We halted from my seat, and spiraled in and out on the circle working on having a soft elastic connection. She collects really easily off of your seat at the canter which is also very fun. Our lesson flew by tonight and I am looking forward to the next one!

I am so blessed to have people allowing me to use their horses to ride during this transition time for me. I am really enjoying the chance to ride some well schooled horses to improve my riding.

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