Saturday, February 5, 2011

Trail Ride

Tarra and I got to hit the trails with our boy's today. I hauled Roz up to the barn so that we could explore the trails around there rather than the trail's by Roz's house. It's also good for Roz to have to haul somewhere every once in a while so he's not out of practice. I got him all cleaned up at his house so I could pretty much hop on and ride once we got to the barn. He loaded quietly (as usual) while I was talking on the phone to my dad. :) Once at the barn I threw his bridle on, grabbed the mounting block and hopped on. He was a bit looky to begin with but once we really got out on the trails he walked along on the buckle. We stopped to take pictures before we turned around and were able to get some hikers to take our picture together.

They were very interested in Mystic but politely asked what breed Roz was too. :) Then they went right back to commenting about Mystic. It was pretty funny. It's so nice to enjoy the quiet forest in the company of friends. Tarra and I visited all the way out, and all the way back. Once back I took a few pictures at the barn before taking Roz back home. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

 Roz looking up the trail

 Finally looking at the camera

 Tarra on Mystic, Me on Roz

 Pretty picture back on the farm

Roz saying "hi" to one of my other buddies Bailey. I think they look fairly similar....

 Looking for a cookie....

Saying "hi" to Roxy


  1. Oh he looks so happy and cute in his neat clip and boots :) I haven't been brave enough to ride bareback yet on the trail. We've had some "incidents" out there and it shook my confidence ab it. Glad you had a nice ride!

  2. Thanks! Roz is a very trust worthy boy. He makes it fun. Although at this point the only time I have come off of him was on a bareback trail ride. Oops! :)


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