Saturday, March 19, 2011

30 days to go

We are down to the final 30 days before Roxy is due. In some ways it is going by so fast...and in others it is dragging. It has been so fun to spend time out at the barn leaning against her side feeling the baby kick. The next month will be full of preparation and excitement. Her 10 month pictures will be taken tomorrow so I will post them then.

I have gotten to ride 5 of the last 6 days which is A LOT for me. :) A combination of my new job where I get off at 5pm, daylight savings time, and generous people allowing me to ride their horses has gotten me riding consistently again. It has been so much fun.

This week I rode Bailey in a lesson on Monday. It was actually a hard lesson for us in someways. He started out fairly sticky and it took some work to get where we wanted to be. I did gain a better understanding on the function of my outside rein in canter transitions and lateral work. Your outside rein has to be there to hold the outside of the horse so that the inside is able to step under and across. I have always thought that I have to allow them to move out on that rein but that is keeping them from actually engaging.

Tuesday I rode Tarra's horse Tolo. He is fun to ride and is quite different from all of the other horses I ride. He is very sensitive to all of your aids, sometimes more than you want him to be. :) We worked on him being round, forward and bending. I rode him again Thursday and we had a much better ride. He is really starting to understand trot lengthenings and I got some much better canter work from him. I am hoping to take him to a couple of local dressage shows this spring.

Friday night I rode Bailey again. He was totally goofy, spooking at the mirrors in the arena, snorting and tossing his head. I have never had him be so wild. He settled down to work quickly and we had a lot of fun with the extra spring in his step!

Today I took my Rozzy Ridge out for a ride. I was riding him bareback so I climbed up the fence to hop on his back. He was very animated, head up with spring in his step. We made it up to the road and when we were passed by a car he started bouncing around and being silly. I ended up getting off of him since I really don't want any problems with him by the road. The next set of cars that went by caused him to bounce around more and strike out. Now he was in trouble for being naughty. We were passed again but this time I got on to him before they went by and he refrained from being naughty. Once to the arena he was perfect. No problems at all. He went right to work, was happy in the bridle (he tends to be resistant) and forward. We rode for about 25 minutes before my bareback muscles started to give out and I called it a day.

He has been slightly lame for the past couple weeks but felt really good today. I realized today that he seems to always go lame this time of year and I think it could be connected to how wet the fields get. He has been locked in his paddock for almost 2 weeks now so his feet could have a chance to dry out and now he is just fine. I think next March we will just lock him in to prevent any problems and that way the pasture gets a rest too. We are still having a lot of rain but hopefully we will get some sunshine soon!

This afternoon Tarra and I went over to the big Equine Expo nearby. We watched Jane Savioe teach on lateral work. The best part of the demo was a cute haflinger who was very well trained. He started to piaffe when being asked to leg yield down the rail, passaged when they were working to slow his trot, and then demonstrated canter half pass and tempi changes. Too cute! Have I mentioned I think a pony would be great fun!?

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