Saturday, April 30, 2011

Feeling better

I haven't posted this last week because I have been sick.  Fortunately I am finally feeling better. Pants is doing well. He is growing like a weed and is a bit of a stinker. Some friends of mine came out about a week ago and took a few adorable photos of him. Here they are! 

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Pants got to spend the whole day outside in the sunshine. My mom and I went up to visit a little after noon. He was trying to figure out how to fight off the flies that just came out today. He seemed to enjoy standing back by his mom's tail so she could help him out with the fly problem. :) My mom fed Rox some carrots and then convinced Pants to come over and lick her fingers.  He ended up deciding he was tired and layed down. He has gotten so fast at getting down now! I decided to go pet him and he loved it. I think he was happy to have someone to help keep the flies off. He fell fast asleep while we petted his face, neck, body and legs. We marveled at how strong his little feet already are, the fact that he is getting teeth, and is open joints. What an amazing thing God created. He continued to nap for at least 20 minutes. Once he woke up he jumped right back up and headed to mom for a meal.

Coming over to say hi

Mom eating carrots 

Sweet faces

Come here baby....

"Whatcha doing!?"

I think this one is so cute!

His own personal fly swatter

Sleepy Pants!

He's starting to get teeth

I also go to ride Roz today. I haven't actually ridden in over week due to OHSET, Pants, and some sick horses. I have a lesson on Monday that I am looking forward to, and was glad to get to ride over the weekend. I love hanging out with Roz and it's always a pleasure to ride him. He has been having some lameness issues lately. He's slightly off but not hardly noticeable. He just seems to be moving differently than he used to. I am wondering if he is getting some mild arthritis or something like that. I almost wish he had something I could just "fix" but I am really starting to think it is just old age. :( I wish he could stay young forever! He felt just a tiny bit funny at the start of our ride but once warmed up he felt great. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Super Pants

There are so many ways to use "Pants" but today he was Super Pants! Pants is doing so well. He is becoming more confident and is very curious about all of the people that are coming out to see him. He also LOVES running with his mom out in the field. It's so fun to watch him race across the field. It looks so effortless. Some friends of mine came out to meet him. They were taking pictures of him and he marched right up to check them and the camera out. He's definitely not camera shy! He was quite friendly for being out in the field and he came over to all of us at different times to sniff, be scratched, or suck on a few fingers. He was easier for us to take in and out of the barn tonight too!

Roxy is settling down even more and is actually letting him play around her while she eats. It's been really fun to see her maternal side. What a sweet mare she can be!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 3

Pants is getting so strong! Roxanne is settling down in to her roll as a momma very well. The first couple days she wasn't eating as well as normal since she was worried about being even a couple feet from Pants. She is letting him get a little farther away now so she is actually able to eat. :) They got about an hour and a half out tonight and loved it! They are having so much fun running together and I am impressed with how fast he is. Roxy is doing her best to contain her bucks so that she doesn't hit him. I'm sure they will enjoy additional time out this weekend.

 Beautiful mare

 Look at those legs

Scoping out the great outdoors

Testing out the yummy grass

So hard to eat with such long legs!

I love his determined look


This running stuff is fun!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pants on the ground

Day 1

Roxanne and "Pants" are doing very well. He is so cute! He got a clean bill of health from vet and got to go out in the sunshine for about an hour today. Roxanne is being so careful with him. She is stretching way out for him to nurse and is being very patient. She is still squealing when he first goes to nurse but that's all she does. I can only guess that it hurts. Here are a few more pictures from today.

Looking between mom's legs

Sweet face

Tired out. It's a lot of work to be born!

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's a....

Boy!!! Roxanne had a beautiful bay colt today right around 12pm. He is just what we ordered with 4 socks and a blaze. Someone came into my office a couple minutes before 12pm today and told me my mare was foaling. I quickly got permission to leave and raced out the door. It was already over by the time we got there but Roxanne and baby were both still laying down.  Roxy is being SUCH a good mom. She is absolutely enamoured with him. She doesn't want him to be far from her side and continues to talk to him and lick him. We did end up having to hold her so he could nurse because she doesn't like when he isn't right at her face. Once we held her she would stand quietly while he nursed. Her udder is streaming milk! She is being so good about people being around and handling both her and the baby. She hasn't been snotty about that at all.  There was a lot of activity at the barn when she foaled but she has been perfectly fine about it. Of course, pictures are a must....

First picture, this is what they looked like when we arrived at the barn.

Momma doing such a good job cleaning him up

I love this picture. Such a sweet expression from both of them. 

He's pretty tall, and look at his cute markings! 

Can you see the family resemblance?

The good momma while her baby nursed

She LOVES him!

And I even got to cuddle with him while he took a nap!

Not yet...

No baby yet but Roxanne is dripping milk at this point so we are very very close!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Roxanne will possibly be foaling tonight. She is getting really close for sure.  Milk tested at 250 this morning and pH of 6.4. Apparently once turned out in the field she layed down 3 times and was stretching her hind legs out weird. She was brought in and had her udder washed and tail wrapped. She has a lot of wax, and a very loose tail and hind quarter muscles. We have our fingers crossed that she will foal tonight. She is lifting her tail weird, backing up, and rubbing her rear against the wall. I will post more if/when he comes. :)

We also had a baby shower for the new baby today. We had cake and snacks along with a game and presents! It was a lot of fun.

Friday, April 15, 2011

More signs

The mare has even more signs today. Wax, discharge from her vulva, and tail rubbing! We are SO EXCITED. Her milk is looking more milk like and the calcium is creeping towards 250....

Thursday, April 14, 2011

5 days

I snapped a few quick pictures of Roxanne today. Her udder is even larger today than it was yesterday. Apparently she was NOT interested in being milked this morning and almost kicked April. Oops! She was quite good about it tonight. I usually just feed her treats and warn her if she shifts on her back legs. She was in her stall today but got out for 30 minutes or so while I cleaned her stall. Of course she ripped her head out of her halter and went galloping off. Silly girl! Calcium is over 120 but not quite to 250 yet, pH is holding steady.

Her udder is getting bigger.....

And she is having so much trouble reaching all of those itchy spots

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Overdue Update

Wow. A lot has been going on and I have not had enough time to update. First, Roxanne is doing well. Her udder is developing more, and she is huge! We checked her milk tonight and calcium is increasing!!! It was quiet obviously at 120 where previously it has been a little over 50. pH is holding right about the same.

Second, I had my weekly lesson on a different horse this week, Tolo. Tolo belongs to one of my good friends and she is allowing me to ride him right now. We had an excellent lesson, working on really getting him to chew the bit and coming through. He tends to wag his head so we worked on stopping that and getting him to truly accept the bit rather than bracing against it.

Tolo after a ride last week

Third, Roz got his teeth and spring shots done this weekend. Everything went well and the vet said his teeth are as good as they can be for his age. It was nice to hear that. We pulled his mane while he was still drugged which was nice. It was the perfect opportunity and we got it nice and short. He got his dancing shoes on Monday, and I took him on a short trail ride yesterday. He's such a good boy!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New pictures

Roxanne is looking about the same. My mom and Tarra checked on her during the day today. Both noted that she was uncomfortable but she is eating today. Her udder is larger but her milk tested about that same. She was inside today but got out in the field for a couple hours this evening. She galloped away from me when I let her out!!! We plan to continue watching her closely. We are 12 days away from her due date. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The mare is doing fine! She is happy to eat carrots and alfalfa, even though she didn't eat that much of her hay during the day. Her udder is much harder than it has been previously. Her poop is becoming a little bit runny and in smaller piles. We checked her milk and it's is still yellow but kind of cloudy. pH was at 6.7 and calcium is around 100.  Her temperature was down almost a degree tonight which is can also be a sign of a impending foaling. We just may be in the final days of this pregnancy! How cool would that be?

Getting closer

It appears that we are getting closer to the mare foaling. Her stall was enlarged last night and she was pretty curious about it. Then when they went out this morning she had not eaten very well. She is usually a horsey vacuum. She ate most of her grain and alfalfa but very little of her hay. She was checked on this afternoon and seems to be okay but still hadn't eaten a lot. Her temperature is normal. Milk calcium is now up to 120. I am planning to go check on her right after work today and we will be keeping a close eye on her from here on out.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Milk testing

We started milk testing today! Last week when we first got "milk" it was clear liquid. It is now yellow in color. We milked her while she was eating her dinner and she didn't mind at all. Tonight the pH was 7 and the calcium was 50. As it gets closer pH will be less than 6 and calcium will shoot up to 400 or 500.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

10.5 months

Here are our most recent pictures, taken this morning. She's looking pretty big and her udder is much bigger than it was earlier this week! I was really thinking she was going to go late because she is a maiden mare, and wasn't looking that big etc. But....I am starting to think she may go close to her due date! That would be exciting. :) 16 days to go!