Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 3

Pants is getting so strong! Roxanne is settling down in to her roll as a momma very well. The first couple days she wasn't eating as well as normal since she was worried about being even a couple feet from Pants. She is letting him get a little farther away now so she is actually able to eat. :) They got about an hour and a half out tonight and loved it! They are having so much fun running together and I am impressed with how fast he is. Roxy is doing her best to contain her bucks so that she doesn't hit him. I'm sure they will enjoy additional time out this weekend.

 Beautiful mare

 Look at those legs

Scoping out the great outdoors

Testing out the yummy grass

So hard to eat with such long legs!

I love his determined look


This running stuff is fun!


  1. So cute! That boy is just to die for. Your pictures are so wonderful.

  2. He is a fun subject to photograph!


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