Saturday, April 23, 2011


Pants got to spend the whole day outside in the sunshine. My mom and I went up to visit a little after noon. He was trying to figure out how to fight off the flies that just came out today. He seemed to enjoy standing back by his mom's tail so she could help him out with the fly problem. :) My mom fed Rox some carrots and then convinced Pants to come over and lick her fingers.  He ended up deciding he was tired and layed down. He has gotten so fast at getting down now! I decided to go pet him and he loved it. I think he was happy to have someone to help keep the flies off. He fell fast asleep while we petted his face, neck, body and legs. We marveled at how strong his little feet already are, the fact that he is getting teeth, and is open joints. What an amazing thing God created. He continued to nap for at least 20 minutes. Once he woke up he jumped right back up and headed to mom for a meal.

Coming over to say hi

Mom eating carrots 

Sweet faces

Come here baby....

"Whatcha doing!?"

I think this one is so cute!

His own personal fly swatter

Sleepy Pants!

He's starting to get teeth

I also go to ride Roz today. I haven't actually ridden in over week due to OHSET, Pants, and some sick horses. I have a lesson on Monday that I am looking forward to, and was glad to get to ride over the weekend. I love hanging out with Roz and it's always a pleasure to ride him. He has been having some lameness issues lately. He's slightly off but not hardly noticeable. He just seems to be moving differently than he used to. I am wondering if he is getting some mild arthritis or something like that. I almost wish he had something I could just "fix" but I am really starting to think it is just old age. :( I wish he could stay young forever! He felt just a tiny bit funny at the start of our ride but once warmed up he felt great. 

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