Friday, April 22, 2011

Super Pants

There are so many ways to use "Pants" but today he was Super Pants! Pants is doing so well. He is becoming more confident and is very curious about all of the people that are coming out to see him. He also LOVES running with his mom out in the field. It's so fun to watch him race across the field. It looks so effortless. Some friends of mine came out to meet him. They were taking pictures of him and he marched right up to check them and the camera out. He's definitely not camera shy! He was quite friendly for being out in the field and he came over to all of us at different times to sniff, be scratched, or suck on a few fingers. He was easier for us to take in and out of the barn tonight too!

Roxy is settling down even more and is actually letting him play around her while she eats. It's been really fun to see her maternal side. What a sweet mare she can be!

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