Friday, May 27, 2011

Technical Riding

I had another good lesson on Gator last night. Riding good dressage is such a challenge. I really tend to become complacent as a plunk along and I am really being pushed to ride every step. When you watch lovely horses go around it really looks like the rider is just sitting there and the horse is going around great! I am learning that they aren't going to work any harder than you are going to ride them. Last night, we started with leg yields at the walk, making sure that Gator was moving off my leg and being active with his inside hind. We moved on to doing the same thing at the trot. Coordinating all of my aids at the same time tends to be one of my trickiest spots, especially keeping an active inside leg and my outside leg back. I'm just not flexible and coordinated enough! lol Once I got him straighter through his neck and moving fairly well off of my leg we moved to working on a 20 meter circle. Riding a circle doesn't sound difficult but surprisingly it is! You have to stay really focused to ride an even round 20 meter circle. We worked on that along with keeping a leg yielding feeling to achieve that inside hind leg crossing up and over as we worked. At the canter we worked on keeping him fairly straight, riding 10 meter circles through out the arena. The visual was given of a puppeteer feeling tension and relaxing it, working him back and forth for a more through horse. Nothing is ever just static pull. Our circles improved the further along we got and in the end we had a few that were pretty nice. I need to continue to push myself to ask more from my horse and demand that it happen right away rather than being content when they offer less than they are able.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Occasionally I mention my older show horse, Rozzy Ridge. He is been on and off lame for the past few months and will probably be going to the vet soon. In February he was preparing to be used for a high school equestrian team meet and he came up lame one day after practicing over fences. We have had some consistent problems with his sad thoroughbred feet and I thought it was just due to that. We pulled him off the pasture for a while since his feet were super soggy due to continues rain. The next time he was shod the farrier found a spot where he had an abscess and I thought our problems may be solved. He was put back to work and seemed pretty good although maybe just a little stiff... He turned 19 this year and I attributed some of it to old age. Although I would prefer he never gets old I know it is going to happen.  He spent a few weeks looking pretty good and then the last couple weeks he has seemed more consistently off on the left front although it's subtle. He got his feet re-done yesterday and if he isn't sound with in the next week he is heading to the vet so we can get this all figured out!

He sure is a pretty boy 

Look at all the beautiful green grass!

Bridge? Sure!

Such a pretty head Why do you keep stopping? 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Photo of the Day

Pant's was adorable (as usual) today. I took lots of pictures of him as he visited with me and raced around the pasture. He's such an outgoing little guy and loves to interact with you. He is also a talker and comes over nickering when you come out. 
How cute is this!?!

Roxanne is for sale if any of you know of someone looking for a nice broodmare in Oregon. 

Lauren Knows (barn name Roxanne) is a beautiful 8 year old registered Thoroughbred mare with excellent old style Canadian Thoroughbred heritage. Big bodied, 16.1hh, bay with a blaze and 2 socks. She’s a pleasure to have around with her great, friendly personality. Not marish and gets along well with other horses. Easy to handle; loads, hauls, clips, and bathes. Healthy and sound. She is a lovely mover and is well put together. Produced her first Sport Horse foal this year and is proving to be an excellent mother. Her foal is a beautiful Anglo-Arabian sired by Quick Silver Bey++++//. Couldn't ask for a better balanced foal, he is only two days old in these photographs. Roxanne was easy to breed (AI), had a smooth pregnancy and easy delivery. Roxanne will be ready to go once her foal is weaned around August or September. Would be a perfect addition to anyone's breeding program. Roxanne has had basic dressage training and has been started over fences. Requires an experienced rider.

In other news I just got back from the 2011 State OHSET meet. Tarra and Tolo did great placing 8th out of 31! Here are a few photos of them

Monday, May 16, 2011

Fantastic Lesson

I had a lovely lesson tonight on a horse named Gator. I have been riding him a day or two a week for the last month or two. He is very hard worker and a little bit of a worrier. You can feel him get tense and frazzled but doesn't actually do anything. He responds easily to my requests so when I get something "right" I can really feel it. We lowered my stirrups a hole and worked on my leg position. We worked on getting him down and round on my outside rein then moving him off my inside leg to achieve an inside bend and to get him through. Once I had him where we needed him I would then spiral my circle in, working on getting a real bend through his body. This requires me to keep an active inside leg to support the bend, sit to the inside, and use my outside leg to hold the haunches in. Leg yielding out of the small circle would be our next step maintaining the bend we have from the smaller circle. We also worked on leg yielding, shoulder-in, and started playing with half pass! I really love riding dressage. It's such a challenge but at the same time it is such a great feeling when you get everything together.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Photo of the day

Now if that isn't a cute face, I don't know what is! He is becoming so friendly. He runs right over when you call and normally nickers too!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mr. Social

Pant's got to meet another one of my friends today, and was very social. When we first went out to the field he came trotting on over to say hi. He was happy to have a some more visitors. After hanging with us for a while he went off to eat with his mom, and came cantering back over about ten minutes later. :) We enjoyed watching him. He seemed to just enjoy standing with us listening to the chatter. He's going to grow up to be one nice pony.

Visiting with Auntie Tarra

Such a handsome little guy

Trotting back over to visit more

Roxy begging for a snack 

I think he is so cute!

Giving kisses. I even got to kiss his little nose twice tonight! 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pants on Fire

I must say, I was rooting for Pant's on Fire today in the Kentucky Derby. Originally it was just because of his name, but then I also heard that if he won his jockey would be the first woman to win the Derby. That actually surprised me considering that so many women ride horses. I guess there just aren't as many top women jockeys. Animal Kingdom did have an amazing run and it was fun to watch none the less.

Pant's had a photo shoot on Wednesday with his two legged mommy. He is growing so much!!!

He is really liking grain, so it's a good bribe!

Look at how big he is!!!

And so photogenic too :)

Sweet ponies

I love this one, Roxy's sweet nose and Pant's little tail

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Today we the second nice day we have had this Spring. It has been so rainy this winter and we have all been wondering when we will get a break. With the lovely weather comes horse shows! And horse shows make me want my own horse to ride again! I really enjoy showing, even if it's only at small local shows. Here are a few photos of my shows with Roz.

Our first win at a one day horse trial

The handsome pony at a league dressage show

Hanging out at another one day

We got 2nd and had a lovely day!

Our first (and only) recognized 3 day event