Monday, May 16, 2011

Fantastic Lesson

I had a lovely lesson tonight on a horse named Gator. I have been riding him a day or two a week for the last month or two. He is very hard worker and a little bit of a worrier. You can feel him get tense and frazzled but doesn't actually do anything. He responds easily to my requests so when I get something "right" I can really feel it. We lowered my stirrups a hole and worked on my leg position. We worked on getting him down and round on my outside rein then moving him off my inside leg to achieve an inside bend and to get him through. Once I had him where we needed him I would then spiral my circle in, working on getting a real bend through his body. This requires me to keep an active inside leg to support the bend, sit to the inside, and use my outside leg to hold the haunches in. Leg yielding out of the small circle would be our next step maintaining the bend we have from the smaller circle. We also worked on leg yielding, shoulder-in, and started playing with half pass! I really love riding dressage. It's such a challenge but at the same time it is such a great feeling when you get everything together.

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