Monday, June 20, 2011


Roz went in to OSU today for his lameness exam. I lunged him on Saturday and he looked pretty decent. I had already decided that he was going in regardless so off to work we both went today. We got there and got his weight at 1160lbs. I left him happily eating in his stall while I went off to work. I went to check on him around 10:30 and he nickered so happily to see me. One of the techs came out and told me he had been totally quiet all morning until I came to see him. I love that boy. :)

They started his appointment off by just looking him over. They palpated his legs and used the hoof testers on him. We then moved outside for them to watch him move. Trotting in a straight line he looked pretty good and the vet remarked that if she saw him in the show ring like that she wouldn't kick him out. Once he was on the lunge line he did begin to look off. They opted to start using nerve blocks to narrow down where it might be. After blocking his right front foot he looked quite a bit better to the right but actually a little worse to the left. They then blocked the left front and he went back to looking worse on the right front. At that point they blocked a little higher on his right front with very little difference. They ended up doing flexions on all 4 legs. He didn't have any real issues with the flexions.

They moved on to radiographs of his feet. On his right front he has a lesion on his navicular bone. His left front navicular bone looks great. They also noticed that the bones in both front feet are not lined up quite right. We are going to try corrective shoeing to shorten up his toe and get his heels off the ground. Hopefully that will work and we will get him sound again and ready to work. Yah!

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