Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dancing Shoes

I hauled Roz back in to OSU today for an appointment with a corrective farrier. The vet showed him the xrays and discussed what they need to do for his feet. There were 4 things she described in his discharge report which I don't currently have in front of sorry for the poor explanation/descriptions.

1) Fix his hoof angles so that the angle of his feet and the angle of his pastern match. Previously his feet were more sloped than his pastern and you could see how the bones in his foot and lower leg do not line up  straight.

2) Raise his heel! His poor heel bulbs basically sit on the ground. This is going to be achieved right now by using wedge pads.

3) Shorten and roll his toe to make for an easier break over. On the xrays you could see that there was room to shorten his toe.

4) Finally, she wanted to increase the weight bearing surface of his hoof. One way we are doing that is by putting pads on him and having his hoof packed underneath. His shoes are also out just a tiny bit past the end of his heel.

How many people get to take their horse to work with them?! I must say it has been fun to have Roz tag along with me this week. There are so many things I love about this horse. One thing is the fact that he is such a good traveler. He nickered at me when I got out of the truck this morning, charged in to the barn for breakfast, and then almost trotted out to the trailer.  It is a requirement for my horses to load and haul well since I frequently have to take them places on my own. It's so nice to not have to worry how long it will take to get them in, or if they are going to come flying out backwards when you reach your destination.

Another thing I love about him is how good he is! Many people at OSU commented on how well behaved he was and what great horse he was to use for teaching purposes. I didn't get to be there for much of his shoeing today but he was standing quietly just chilling, with a large group of people around him. It's also adorable that he nickers very enthusiastically when I come say "hi" to him. Monday I took my morning break and went down to visit him. I cam around the corner and said something to him and he nickered up a storm. One of the techs came out of the room next door and said "that was SO cute." I commented that he is just a talker and she said he had been silent all morning. I think he was happy to know I hadn't forgotten about him. :)

I am really hopeful that the shoeing will work. His feet look really good to me. I snapped a few pictures but am house sitting right now so I am away from my computer. I will post pictures of his new feet this weekend. Now the plan is to give him a week to adjust to all of the changes. He is getting bute over the next 5 days or so. Next Thursday or Friday I will take him down to the arena to see what he looks like.

I am heading out to Inavale Farm's Horse Trial this weekend and am hoping to shop for a few things for Roz. I want to get him a new pair of pull on bell boots took keep his new "nike" shoes on and I am also thinking about buying him a new bit.

I also had a lesson on Gator Dude last night. I definitely feel like I am getting stronger and more skilled. We worked on a lot of lateral movements again. It's a challenge for me to get my body in the right place. I can get my inside leg but then I forget the outside one...when I fix the outside leg my inside leg quits working. It's a constant challenge to keep everything together but I am getting better at it. We had a few really nice steps of half pass left were I really feel like we "got it." So many people talk about dressage being boring but honestly they have no idea. It is so much more than just being able to walk, trot, and canter with your horse on autopilot. I have done that and is doesn't even compare!

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