Saturday, June 11, 2011

Eye for lameness?

Roz appears to be getting better! I have video of him 1+ week ago and then of him yesterday. Neither set of video is great but what do you guys think? I definitely think he is getting better.

Today I got to ride Tarra's horse, Mystic. He is an adorable 3 year old gypsy vanner. He was so fun to ride! You can't help but smile when you watch him go. He is now solid walk, trot, canter and is really easy to ride. Tarra has done a great job getting him going.


  1. Thanks for sharing the video! I have a very untrained eye for looking at lameness, is it his front left limb bothering him? I have trouble picking out the injured limb. His peculiar gate did seem less exaggerated in the second bit of the video, so that should be something, right?? Lets hope so at least.

  2. Yes. We do believe his lameness is in the left front.


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