Saturday, July 30, 2011

He's a winner!

Today I went with Tarra to a schooling dressage show about 45 minutes from home. Mystic was AWESOME and they won both Training test 1 & 2. Congratulations Tarra!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Pretty photos and video

Tonight I took Pretty up to the barn where Roxy lives. I needed to get some good video footage along with some cute pictures. I wasn't sure how she would load but figured I would never know unless we tried. She hopped right in the trailer and we headed down the road. She was worked up when we got the barn and tried to drag me around a bit. I got a chain on her and requested that she pay a little more attention. I then took her over to the arena to get some footage of her moving. Of course I have gotten to see her move some at home but we live on the side of a hill so the footing tends to be a bit un-even and she doesn't really run around very much. I found out tonight that this girl can move! She really likes to trot and was fascinated with the mirrors. I think she liked seeing the "other" horse in it. We tried to get some conformation type shots of her but it wasn't easy since just wanted to move around. She loaded up well for the return trip and got hosed down when we made it home. Take a look at her video and tell me what you think!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pantastic Again

Pants was awesome tonight for his loading practice! The first time we loaded Roxanne and tied her up. I then went back out of the trailer to help April get Pant's in. We don't out-weigh him anymore but we were still able to push him in. :) After trying it that way once, and watching Rox have a minor conniption fit due to not being able to see him well we decided to try another approach. What we tried instead was to have Pants right beside Roxy, and let her get a couple feet on the ramp and then stop to wait for him. This worked and once on the ramp he went right in. We went in and out several times and by the last couple of times Pants was leading! I am so impressed with how well he is doing with all of the normal horse handling things. He leads great and will walk and trot in hand. He also backs up and gives to pressure. He likes to be groomed and can even be sprayed with no problems. He picks up his feet pretty well and is just an all around nice boy. Yah!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lesson on a black and white pony

My good friend Tarra let me borrow Mystic for me lesson tonight. I had only ridden him for about 20 minutes total, prior to my lesson tonight. We first had to sort out my leg position due to him being very round and also because he is on the lazy side and I was nagging at him with my heels. Once we got that fixed a little bit we got down to business. We started working on leg yields both on a circle and down either the center line or quarter line. He hasn't done much of that but picked it up very quickly. He is super willing and doesn't put his energy in to fighting with you which is so nice! We also worked on getting him to bend, especially to the right which is our harder side. It's so frustrating to me how there are different bad habits in your riding that are ridiculously hard to get rid of! I have trouble riding to the right. I sit left and don't bring my body around correctly. I also use my right hand to do an indirect rein. I did finally "get" it tonight and actually had some much better work to the right where Mystic was bent around my inside leg, stepping with his inside hind and I was not using my right rein. There is always something to work on! :)

On another note, Pants got 3rd place in the cutest foal contest. Here is a link to the results.

He is growing like a weed and is now 11.2hh (we measured him tonight). He gets to do some trailer loading practice tomorrow night. It will be interesting to see how much he remembers from his last practice.

Monday, July 25, 2011


This past weekend was Dressage at Devonwood. It huge dressage show basically in our back yard. :) My trainer was competing there with her mare, as was Pant's dad Quick Silver Bey. We went up Saturday afternoon so we could watch Quickie and see the FEI Freestyle. It was a gorgeous sunny day and we had a blast. Quickie is gorgeous and very sweet! The freestyle was awesome! My favorites were Quickie, North Fork's Cardi, and Wizard!

Here is a video of Wizard...this is basically the same thing we saw just not at Devonwood. I would also say he was more jazzed when we saw him.

Here are some photos of Quick Silver Bey 


And my trainers lovely mare too! 

Sunday I went with Tarra out to Inavale Farms for some cross country schooling with her Gypsy Vanner Mystic. He has never jumped before and he was awesome! Did a ditch, logs, down bank, and water no problem. He's an awesome pony!

His very first ditch

6th fence of his life

Such a cute boy!

Cantered in to the log

Then he got to cool off the in the water!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's true

I played with Erin and Roz tonight and he really does look so much better. If I had to fault him I would say that he is stepping just a very tiny bit short with that right front but it's hardly anything at all. I would not call him out as lame if I didn't know him. My ride from yesterday seemed to stick with him pretty well and we enjoyed a good workout with him today as well. It took about 1/2 the time it took yesterday to get him round and moving forward. Once that was accomplished I let Erin get on and feel her new and improved pony. He was pretty good for her as well and stayed fairly soft. I am so pleased that he is doing better and hope that we continue in the right direction. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Roz is....

Do I dare say, almost sound? He felt really good tonight and at the end of my ride I got off and lunged him both ways just to see for myself. I think the shoes are working and I am SO excited. I have been really down thinking that he may be done with his riding life. He is only 19 and other than the most recent problem with his feet he has been such a sound horse and a great worker. Thankfully, I think he will continue to be ride able hopefully for a good long while! We did have a hard ride as he tends to be resistant and it's made worse by him not having to work that hard with his lease rider. I kept after him to be loose and forward and by the end or our ride he was lovely!!! I am really really really happy that he is doing so much better. Yah Roz! Now we need to get him and his girl signed up for a few summer horse shows. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Overdue Update

It has been way to long since I last updated. Pretty is doing great! She continues to run to the gate when I go out to feed her. I realized today that I really need to be putting her halter on every day. She is "difficult" to catch even though you can do whatever you want with her loose. When I pulled her halter out today and moved over to put it on her she moved right away. She came back (to her alfalfa pile) and I grabbed her mane. As soon as I had ahold of her mane she stood perfectly still and let me halter her. I think she just associates it with being handled roughly. I have been grooming her almost every night while she eats her dinner. I have been making a point to pick out her feet every morning and night so that she continues to be comfortable and also to practice. She is getting easier every day!

I get to ride Roz tomorrow so I should have a soundness update. As far as I know he is doing fine. 

Also, last night was a lesson night for me and I rode a new horse. Rhythm is a huge thoroughbred gelding who lives at Roxy's barn. He is a challenging ride due to his size, and he tends to pull you around with the bit. I rode him very strongly and we had good results even though my arms are very sore today! Once you get him all put together he has huge gaits and is really cool. 

On another note, my usual lesson horse has come up lame. :( They are not exactly sure what is wrong with him but we are hoping he will get better soon.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pretty Update

Miss Pretty got her feet trimmed yesterday. She is eating better although she still doesn't have as much of an appetite as I would like. I almost wonder if it is just because she isn't used to eating that much!? I am now giving her a flake of alfalfa morning and night which she eats great! She does end up eating a couple flakes of grass hay per day and is on pasture too. She has learned to love carrots and has gone from needing me to break them in to tiny pieces to scarffing down big chunks. She is quite foot sore today which I was bummed out about. When I got home from work I gave her some bute and also picked out her feet. She did have several rocks in there so I am hoping that getting them out will help. We'll see how she does in the next few days.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Roxanne and Pants

We took some updated photos of Roxanne and Pants today. Pants finally fits in a cute little leather halter! :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

She can EAT

Yah! Pretty ate almost 3 flakes of hay today which is probably 2.5 more than what she will normally consume in a day. I am so happy that she is eating better. I've never owned a horse that didn't like to eat. I think her mouth was just such a wreck that it was uncomfortable and difficult to eat. I can't wait to see how much weight she gains from being able to eat like she should. My mom also bought carrots for her today...which she is not sure she wants to eat. It's somewhat tragic to have a horse that has no idea about carrots. Even Pants likes carrots!!!

Speaking of Pants, he is growing so big and is such a fun boy! He is quite well behaved and showed his Auntie Alanna how good he is now with the spray bottle. He is starting to shed out his baby coat and has finally grown in to his halter. I love him so much. I will try to get some new pictures of him tomorrow.

I had a great lesson on Gator Wednesday night. We worked on my position, riding round circles, leg yields, and getting him soft, supple, and long through his neck. I feel like things are getting easier and easier to do correctly.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A visit from the dentist

Pretty got a visit from the dentist today. Shortly after getting her I realized that she doesn't eat right. I put a call in to my vets to get an appointment set. They are awesome and were able to get out here tonight. We discussed what I have been seeing and then I showed them by giving her some alfalfa to eat. She actually ate it even worse than she normally does and spit most of it out after putting it in her mouth. Obviously they agreed that something is going wrong in her mouth. They sedated her and got to work. The vet, a pulled out a cap almost immediately after opening her mouth. He pulled out one other big piece and 3 smaller fragments. He then floated them just a little bit to create a smooth grinding surface. I can't wait to see how she eats over the next few days. Judging by how her mouth felt before and after things should be a lot better! She also got her vaccines since I don't know what she has had. We read her tattoo number and it does match the horse I was told I have. :) She will be dewormed sometime this weekend and then she gets her feet worked on Tuesday evening.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Riding Pretty

Today I came to the conclusion that the new little miss is not even what I would consider greenbroke. I tacked her up in Roz's gear. All of it was too big! I did make the girth fit on the highest holes on each side. I had to use a western headstall that I have which was still on the big side. Tarra helped give me a leg up which took about 3 tries. She kept scooting away from me mounting. Once up Tarra asked if I wanted her to keep a hold of Pretty. I was in the process of answering "Well...." when we were scooting off down the fence line. I got her stopped part of the way down the fence line and ended up hopping off. Tarra gave me another leg up and this time kept a hold of the mare. We walked around the pasture a couple of times but she was clearly spooked about the whole thing. I definitely feel like they just threw a rider up and took off. She appears to be a pretty sensitive girl and is very anxious about the whole thing. At this point I would not consider her to really be broke. I'm planning to give her the month out to pasture to get to know her better and become friends. Then I will start doing more "training" with her.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Photos

I got up this morning and went right out to check on Pretty. She was just chilling under a tree, and seemed pretty relaxed. She was a little bit hard to catch but I managed to get her in a couple of minutes. Once haltered she stood quietly with the rope over her neck while I groomed her and cut her mane. After I got done with church I ran to the store to get some sunscreen for her fair pink nose. She was much easier to catch the second time around but wasn't very fond of the sunscreen. I think her muzzle must hurt a little bit.  After riding a few horses I came home and got her back out. Again she was easy to catch. Yah! I tied her to our hitching post and she was great! I did want to wash her tail but she freaked out a little bit at the hose. Thankfully she didn't pull back or do anything stupid. I am wondering if it was because of the nozzle I had on the hose and the noise it was making? Either that or she just doesn't think being hosed off is a pleasant experience. She also got to move out into one of our bigger fields. I walked her around the fence line before letting her go. She did some trotting around and just explored. She has settled in really well and seems happy. She has also been great about the fireworks that have been going off so that's good. She has good manners and has yet to bite, kick or do anything else that is naughty. I have gotten her to start eating treats! I told my family to give her something every time they go say hi. She is pretty shy right now and I would like her to associate us with good things.
You can't save them all but you make all the difference to that one you do save.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Arrival

Introducing....Pretty Line!  I brought home a new rescue project pony today. She's a three year old thoroughbred mare who last raced just a couple of weeks ago. She was on her way to a Washington feed lot but I was able to get her instead. She will be staying at my parents house for a couple of months while I work with her and find her a home. If anybody is local and knows of someone looking for a nice sport horse prospect let me know! She's a cute mover and seems very sensible. I'd say she is 15.3hh right now but I bet she will grow another couple of inches and of course she should fill out. She only had 2 starts on the track and has clean legs.