Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Photos

I got up this morning and went right out to check on Pretty. She was just chilling under a tree, and seemed pretty relaxed. She was a little bit hard to catch but I managed to get her in a couple of minutes. Once haltered she stood quietly with the rope over her neck while I groomed her and cut her mane. After I got done with church I ran to the store to get some sunscreen for her fair pink nose. She was much easier to catch the second time around but wasn't very fond of the sunscreen. I think her muzzle must hurt a little bit.  After riding a few horses I came home and got her back out. Again she was easy to catch. Yah! I tied her to our hitching post and she was great! I did want to wash her tail but she freaked out a little bit at the hose. Thankfully she didn't pull back or do anything stupid. I am wondering if it was because of the nozzle I had on the hose and the noise it was making? Either that or she just doesn't think being hosed off is a pleasant experience. She also got to move out into one of our bigger fields. I walked her around the fence line before letting her go. She did some trotting around and just explored. She has settled in really well and seems happy. She has also been great about the fireworks that have been going off so that's good. She has good manners and has yet to bite, kick or do anything else that is naughty. I have gotten her to start eating treats! I told my family to give her something every time they go say hi. She is pretty shy right now and I would like her to associate us with good things.
You can't save them all but you make all the difference to that one you do save.

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