Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Overdue Update

It has been way to long since I last updated. Pretty is doing great! She continues to run to the gate when I go out to feed her. I realized today that I really need to be putting her halter on every day. She is "difficult" to catch even though you can do whatever you want with her loose. When I pulled her halter out today and moved over to put it on her she moved right away. She came back (to her alfalfa pile) and I grabbed her mane. As soon as I had ahold of her mane she stood perfectly still and let me halter her. I think she just associates it with being handled roughly. I have been grooming her almost every night while she eats her dinner. I have been making a point to pick out her feet every morning and night so that she continues to be comfortable and also to practice. She is getting easier every day!

I get to ride Roz tomorrow so I should have a soundness update. As far as I know he is doing fine. 

Also, last night was a lesson night for me and I rode a new horse. Rhythm is a huge thoroughbred gelding who lives at Roxy's barn. He is a challenging ride due to his size, and he tends to pull you around with the bit. I rode him very strongly and we had good results even though my arms are very sore today! Once you get him all put together he has huge gaits and is really cool. 

On another note, my usual lesson horse has come up lame. :( They are not exactly sure what is wrong with him but we are hoping he will get better soon.


  1. Thanks for the update! Hope all goes well with Roz.

  2. We need more pictures of Pretty, I think I have forgotten what she looks like after all this time with no pictures :)

  3. LOL. You are a dork Tarra. I just posted FB pics of her on Sunday!


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