Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pantastic Again

Pants was awesome tonight for his loading practice! The first time we loaded Roxanne and tied her up. I then went back out of the trailer to help April get Pant's in. We don't out-weigh him anymore but we were still able to push him in. :) After trying it that way once, and watching Rox have a minor conniption fit due to not being able to see him well we decided to try another approach. What we tried instead was to have Pants right beside Roxy, and let her get a couple feet on the ramp and then stop to wait for him. This worked and once on the ramp he went right in. We went in and out several times and by the last couple of times Pants was leading! I am so impressed with how well he is doing with all of the normal horse handling things. He leads great and will walk and trot in hand. He also backs up and gives to pressure. He likes to be groomed and can even be sprayed with no problems. He picks up his feet pretty well and is just an all around nice boy. Yah!

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