Friday, July 29, 2011

Pretty photos and video

Tonight I took Pretty up to the barn where Roxy lives. I needed to get some good video footage along with some cute pictures. I wasn't sure how she would load but figured I would never know unless we tried. She hopped right in the trailer and we headed down the road. She was worked up when we got the barn and tried to drag me around a bit. I got a chain on her and requested that she pay a little more attention. I then took her over to the arena to get some footage of her moving. Of course I have gotten to see her move some at home but we live on the side of a hill so the footing tends to be a bit un-even and she doesn't really run around very much. I found out tonight that this girl can move! She really likes to trot and was fascinated with the mirrors. I think she liked seeing the "other" horse in it. We tried to get some conformation type shots of her but it wasn't easy since just wanted to move around. She loaded up well for the return trip and got hosed down when we made it home. Take a look at her video and tell me what you think!

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