Monday, July 4, 2011

Riding Pretty

Today I came to the conclusion that the new little miss is not even what I would consider greenbroke. I tacked her up in Roz's gear. All of it was too big! I did make the girth fit on the highest holes on each side. I had to use a western headstall that I have which was still on the big side. Tarra helped give me a leg up which took about 3 tries. She kept scooting away from me mounting. Once up Tarra asked if I wanted her to keep a hold of Pretty. I was in the process of answering "Well...." when we were scooting off down the fence line. I got her stopped part of the way down the fence line and ended up hopping off. Tarra gave me another leg up and this time kept a hold of the mare. We walked around the pasture a couple of times but she was clearly spooked about the whole thing. I definitely feel like they just threw a rider up and took off. She appears to be a pretty sensitive girl and is very anxious about the whole thing. At this point I would not consider her to really be broke. I'm planning to give her the month out to pasture to get to know her better and become friends. Then I will start doing more "training" with her.

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  1. Quite the adventure! I'm glad she behaved herself despite being spooked. :)


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