Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Roz is....

Do I dare say, almost sound? He felt really good tonight and at the end of my ride I got off and lunged him both ways just to see for myself. I think the shoes are working and I am SO excited. I have been really down thinking that he may be done with his riding life. He is only 19 and other than the most recent problem with his feet he has been such a sound horse and a great worker. Thankfully, I think he will continue to be ride able hopefully for a good long while! We did have a hard ride as he tends to be resistant and it's made worse by him not having to work that hard with his lease rider. I kept after him to be loose and forward and by the end or our ride he was lovely!!! I am really really really happy that he is doing so much better. Yah Roz! Now we need to get him and his girl signed up for a few summer horse shows. :)

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