Thursday, July 7, 2011

A visit from the dentist

Pretty got a visit from the dentist today. Shortly after getting her I realized that she doesn't eat right. I put a call in to my vets to get an appointment set. They are awesome and were able to get out here tonight. We discussed what I have been seeing and then I showed them by giving her some alfalfa to eat. She actually ate it even worse than she normally does and spit most of it out after putting it in her mouth. Obviously they agreed that something is going wrong in her mouth. They sedated her and got to work. The vet, a pulled out a cap almost immediately after opening her mouth. He pulled out one other big piece and 3 smaller fragments. He then floated them just a little bit to create a smooth grinding surface. I can't wait to see how she eats over the next few days. Judging by how her mouth felt before and after things should be a lot better! She also got her vaccines since I don't know what she has had. We read her tattoo number and it does match the horse I was told I have. :) She will be dewormed sometime this weekend and then she gets her feet worked on Tuesday evening.

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