Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blog Change?

You may be wondering about the blog change. I am hoping to get Roxanne sold soon and figured since the other blog is really named after her I would start a more general blog for future horses and adventures. I chose Pony Express first of all because that's my car's name, and also because I am hoping to get a pony as my next horse. I think I have talked about this before but I am looking to buy either a haflinger or welsh cob to use for dressage and eventing! I really hate horse shopping but thankfully I am in no real hurry, especially since I am still trying to sell Roxy.

Lesson Monday

I had another lesson on Cobie on Monday. In some ways this lesson didn't seem as successful as the first one but I know it was because we pushed him harder. Cobie really didn't like my ideas on how he should go around and got pretty frustrated towards the end of the ride. We first worked on getting him in front of my leg and willing to step bigger at the trot. He has a nice canter and his default is to just pick up the canter when pushed. Once we got him in front of my leg and willing to open up his stride we then moved on to getting him to accept the bit and lower his neck. He took some convincing but we did have some really nice work during this time. We then moved on to leg yielding both on a circle and then from the center or quarter line. We would start with a 10 meter circle before making a turn and this was my time to set up the leg yield to be successful. If I couldn't flex him in and out with out a fuss before that turn then I really didn't "have" him and our leg yield wasn't very good.

Mary and I discussed the fact that too often we accept work that is mediocre and we are left crossing our fingers that our leg yield (for example) is good enough. Instead, we need to be disciplined enough to expect perfection, or as close to that as we can get, so that we are sure of the result we are going to get when we turn down the center line for that leg yield.  In my lesson I could tell when I was or was not going to get a good leg yield based on that initial circle. Yes, it takes more time when I have to make my circle three times rather than once but in the long run it's worth it as we are both being trained to do it correctly. some point it won't take 3 circles to be set up to do it correctly.  I was thinking about this at work today and really think that partially we accept this kind of work because we are used to that in our society. Sometimes we consider something good "enough" or we are in a hurry which makes us skip past something or do a job halfway. I am going to make it my goal to get good work all of the time rather than just accepting what is offered to me.

Horse Updates

For those of you who have been following along for a while I wanted to give you an update on Pie and Pretty.  I sold Pie to a wonderful person in January and he has since moved with her to Georgia.  She has done clicker training with him and said his has worked wonders for him. He was a nervous boy and definitely seemed as though he had been treated harshly prior to me getting him. He is now a well adjusted and happy pony with his new mom and is gearing up for his first horse show. I am SO glad she purchased him and has given him such a great home.

I have also heard that Miss Pretty is doing well in her new home and has even gone for a bareback ride! Here are a couple photos of her and her new mom.  She has been re-named Lily. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Picture Update

I rode Cobie again today and Tarra happened to be waiting around for Mystic to dry after a nice whitening bath, so she took some photos of me with Cobie. Here they are.

Handsome Cobie
Don't I live in a beautiful state!?

Of course we can't forget the gorgeous Mystic Man

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fantastic Lesson

I had a lesson tonight on a new horse named Cobie. I have know him since he was 3 (he's now 6) but have never ridden him. His owner is out of town for the week and offered him to me. Today was our first ride together and it went well. He was definitely unsure about me being on him at first and we joked that he wanted to call his mom to make sure I was allowed to ride. :) Once we got to work I was able to get him to settle down and work pretty well. We worked on all of the usual stuff; straightness, bending, getting him through, yielding to the leg etc. He was really good and is very much the kind of horse I like to ride in terms of being a forward sensitive ride. I am really starting to feel like my riding is coming along. At this point I have ridden most of the horses at our barn in a lesson and many of them I have only ridden once or twice, if at all before taking a lesson on them. I feel capable of getting on and riding reasonably well in a short period of time. I have also learned that really they (and I) all struggle with variations of the same problems. Some are easier, and some are harder but in many cases they are all very similar. I'm very glad I have had this opportunity and time of "horselessness" although I am certainly looking forward to having my own riding horse sometime in the near (ish) future.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beautiful girl

Roxanne had a spa night tonight and she cleaned up so well. First off, I actually had a normal horse back verses one that is super concerned about her child. We put him in his stall and had Roxanne in the wash rack. I first clipped her bridle path and whiskers. She has always been super good at clipping and it's so nice! Then she got a super good bath, with scrubbing of her socks (among other things:). April also cleaned her head really well with the hose and a soapy sponge. I'm not normally so mean to actually hose their head but April has done it with her before and said she is totally good about it. She turned out beautiful!

I also got a very nice compliment tonight. I have been riding a horse occasionally that tends to be a difficult ride. I rode him this weekend and his owner had a lesson on him tonight. My trainer commented that he was super good and said it was due to me riding him well. That was very nice to hear! I do try to ride him, and everyone else well, but there is always so much to learn and fix.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One down...

One to go! I sold Miss Pretty last Tuesday and she left for her new home today. She was a 16 year old girls birthday present to herself. I thought that was pretty neat and I wish them a long happy life together. I am still working on getting Roxanne sold and I will update on that once it's done.

In other news, Quick Silver Bey (Pant's dad) just sold and is moving to Denmark! It makes us all that much happier that we got Roxy bred when we did. Pant's continues to do great and is growing up to be such a fun handsome boy.

Roz got his new dancing shoes a week ago. We jumped him lightly last week and everything is still going well. The farrier was shocked to hear that Roz is 19...he thought he was closer to 15. :) That pretty much made my night, along with the farrier being pleased with the condition of his feet. We are going to stretch him out to 7 weeks for his next shoeing date to allow him more time to grow hoof. I am so glad I took him in to the vet when I did and that the shoeing changes have made such a difference for him. God is good.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lesson Night

I had a great lesson on Mystic tonight. I think my right leg will be sore tomorrow! We worked a lot on getting him bending around my right leg and not falling into it. We also spent a lot of time both on a circle and on a straight line leg yielding. We got some much better work than last time and by the end we even got a couple of decent leg yields! I really have to set him up in a shoulder-fore position so that he is already pushing up well with his inside hind, then we can move into the leg yield. This made a huge difference for us! We are also constantly working to improve my position. I am working hard to correct my right hand and to make sure that my weight is in the right spot when asking for stuff. I got in Mystic's way a few times while leg yielding because I was sitting in the wrong spot. the end of the lesson Mary said I was riding very effectively which is really one of the best comments you can get! Mystic is such a good willing pony and we are going to do our best to get up to second or third level.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

He is a Quick Study!

I took some new pictures of Mr. Pants today. He is so cute!!! He's shedding out his baby fuzz and is a beautiful bay underneath. His legs are also starting to turn black and his socks are becoming more noticeable again. Today was his third day of trailer practice and he was awesome! He went into the trailer with out mom on the first try. He was actually very curious inside the trailer, nibbling on everything!

Pants has always loved laying in Roxanne's hay...notice him snacking while he rests too. :) 

What a beautiful boy

His bff Cooper

He still loves to nurse although it seems to be mostly recreational. He is spending his day's in the field next door to mom and doing great!

Loading like an old pro

The super handsome bay baby

He's figured out the ramp is easy too!

Cute Bottoms
On another note, I rode Roz this morning and he felt great! He was no worse for the wear after his beach adventure and I am so happy. Praise God! He gets new nikes on Monday and I am hopeful that the transition into new shoes won't cause any problems. After that we are going to start him back over fences and see how it goes.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Beach

Today we went to the beach!!! It was a long overdue trip because of horses being lame, the EHV breakout and several other factors. I took the day off work and we headed out. Roz and Mystic are such good ponies! They got in the water easily and we had fun trotting and cantering down the beach. There were quite a few people on the beach and we heard several kids say "horses!" It was cute, but surprisingly no one asked to pet them and we just kept moving. Roz has definitely mellowed out in the last couple years. Previously he was a little more on the hot side than he is now. I cantered down the beach with loose reins and he wasn't asking to go any faster. Tarra did an experiment though, by riding Mystic up closer to see what Roz would do. He put his ears right back and pulled ahead. Later on they took us by surprise and Roz shot forward to re-gain the lead. My little racehorse is still in there...he's just gotten a bit older. We tried not to overdue it since Roz has been struggling with soundness. He's been fine for the past 4 weeks or so since getting his new shoes so I am hoping his beach adventures don't cause him any trouble. He is getting new shoes on Monday and I am interested to see how that goes. I love Roz so much! He is so fun to ride and I always feel safe on him. It's hard to beat a sweet pony like that. Here are some photos of our adventure.

The cute beach bums :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I saw this on facebook tonight and wanted to share it. 

"The worst of them sense our fears and take advantage of us. The best of them sense our dreams and take us there." 
Jimmy Wofford quote on horses