Saturday, August 6, 2011

He is a Quick Study!

I took some new pictures of Mr. Pants today. He is so cute!!! He's shedding out his baby fuzz and is a beautiful bay underneath. His legs are also starting to turn black and his socks are becoming more noticeable again. Today was his third day of trailer practice and he was awesome! He went into the trailer with out mom on the first try. He was actually very curious inside the trailer, nibbling on everything!

Pants has always loved laying in Roxanne's hay...notice him snacking while he rests too. :) 

What a beautiful boy

His bff Cooper

He still loves to nurse although it seems to be mostly recreational. He is spending his day's in the field next door to mom and doing great!

Loading like an old pro

The super handsome bay baby

He's figured out the ramp is easy too!

Cute Bottoms
On another note, I rode Roz this morning and he felt great! He was no worse for the wear after his beach adventure and I am so happy. Praise God! He gets new nikes on Monday and I am hopeful that the transition into new shoes won't cause any problems. After that we are going to start him back over fences and see how it goes.

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  1. Great pictures! So happy to hear Pants is doing well and being such a good boy for you. He's got such a great attitude -- he's not just a pretty face that's for sure!


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