Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lesson Night

I had a great lesson on Mystic tonight. I think my right leg will be sore tomorrow! We worked a lot on getting him bending around my right leg and not falling into it. We also spent a lot of time both on a circle and on a straight line leg yielding. We got some much better work than last time and by the end we even got a couple of decent leg yields! I really have to set him up in a shoulder-fore position so that he is already pushing up well with his inside hind, then we can move into the leg yield. This made a huge difference for us! We are also constantly working to improve my position. I am working hard to correct my right hand and to make sure that my weight is in the right spot when asking for stuff. I got in Mystic's way a few times while leg yielding because I was sitting in the wrong spot. the end of the lesson Mary said I was riding very effectively which is really one of the best comments you can get! Mystic is such a good willing pony and we are going to do our best to get up to second or third level.

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