Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Not quite ready....

Roz was supposed to be getting his dancin' shoes on tonight but the farrier didn't think he was quite ready to be done. He would have liked to see a little more hoof growth from him, although over all he thought his feet are looking fine. They are holding together just fine and really don't look like they need to be done. He tightened up his nails and is planning to actually come out to do him in 2 more weeks. We discussed putting him on a hoof supplement to increase growth but the only one the farrier recommended is Farrier's Formula as the manufacturer actually has research and science behind it. It would cost another $40 a month and he said I would really need to keep him on it for a year to see the benefits. We discussed waiting for another shoeing cycle or two and then if we feel like we need the extra help with his feet I will go ahead and put him on it.

 One thing I am really looking for in my next horse is something with good feet. I would especially love finding a horse that I can keep barefoot. This is one attraction to a large pony, as I would be thrilled to be able to keep something comfortably barefoot. Roz has decent enough feet (for a thoroughbred) but the farrier even said we are fighting genetics with his feet. It doesn't make me love him any less but it would certainly be nice to have something with hardy feet.

I have found a couple other welsh cob possibilities although they will be a bit of a road trip. Check out the 2 chestnut boys. Who do you like best? 

The next few days will be quite busy as I have 2 horses to work, and will also be doing chores at the barn where I ride.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

One last adventure...

Living in Oregon, means a lot of rain. Thankfully since we got alot of rain we don't have many other weather related problems but...rain does cause our local cross country course to be closed 8 or 9 months out of the year. That leaves a pretty small window of time to get our cross country fix. We were able to go out today and it's probably our last time of the season as our rain just started today. Thankfully the it rained some this morning and then it was cloudy with a little bit of sun this afternoon. Perfect cross country weather. Both boys were great. This was Erin's first time out this year as Roz had been lame and then she had some other activities which kept her from going with us earlier. Roz was so awesome. The more he is jumped the more confident he becomes. Erin told me her goal for the day was to not have many refusals. I said "how about no refusals." And guess what, they didn't have any! Roz was on his game and Erin had a blast. They did their first down bank together and just had a lot of fun. I'm so proud of both of them!

Warming up


First down bank (any other blogger people having trouble with pictures like this!?! It's right side up in iphoto but imports sideways. It's driving me crazy!) 

Tandem jumping with Mystic and Roz. They were both great about it. 

Another goofy sideways picture

I love Erin's position in this photo and how interested Roz is in his job.

He much prefers a bigger fence!

Checking out the airplane

A beautiful rainbow on our way home

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Terrific Lesson

I had a terrific lesson on Rhythm tonight. Not only was it the absolute best ride I have had on Rhythm but it was overall a very good lesson. I have been riding Rhythm here and there for a couple of months and the first few rides and lesson he was so hard! He's a really big strong horse and would really drag you around if you let him. It sounds so strange since they are obviously carrying you around when you ride them...but this is different. My trainer and his owner have being working diligently with him and I rode him again a couple of times this week. Monday was my first day back on him and he was awesome. Much easier to ride than the previous times.

Tonight I took a lesson on him and he was super duper good. He is not being resistant and strong like he previously was. We rode outside and worked on really getting his hind end engaged and then getting him rounder and deeper on my outside rein. Once I had him engaged we also worked to slow him down to an engaged but slower gait. We did some spiraling in and out on a circle to get him bending and stepping across with his inside hind. We also worked on our canter transitions as early this week I had some where I really felt like he was dragging me into the canter. The key (I learned tonight) is to have a really engaged forward trot before asking him to move into the canter. I didn't feel like he was really slow on the days that I was having problems but I think he was just not engaged as well to be able to push off into the canter. We also worked on lengthening and then collecting his strides at the canter. It took some very strong half halts to get him back after the lengthening but I did actually get some nice strides of collected canter, and then focused on 3 half halts before transitioning to the trot. Overall, it was a really challenging lesson but so much fun to be on a willing partner. We didn't spend any time fighting over how I wanted him to go and that was really cool. Tomorrow night he gets a break for being such a good boy and we are heading out on a trail ride with Tarra and Mystic.


I was greeted by this sweet face when I got to the barn yesterday. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Good Pony

Rozzy Ridge was a good jumping pony today and Erin enjoyed jumping a few courses on him. I just love watching him work for her. He's so cute and is usually quite good. They are really getting back in to the jumping rhythm and I am excited at their progress. We are really working on them being able to put courses together and to solidify Erin's position over fences so that she can move up. Roz can be quite speedy as the fences become bigger and I would like to be able to give Erin a little more bit on him but she has to be able to use it effectively with out getting in his way.

Yesterday I went with Tarra to her final dressage schooling show of the season. Mystic rocked (as usual) and they got 2 and 3rd in classes of 13 and 16. Not too shabby! We also got to visit with one of the doctors I used to work with. It was really nice to see her. 

I'm still hoping to find a nice sport pony and am waiting on selling Miss Rox. If I don't get her sold by the end of this month and I am hoping to find somewhere to board her so that I can get her started back to work. 

Here are a couple of horses that I have had my eye on. 

This one is a son of Cardi and sold pretty quickly. 

This mare isn't started yet but at least she hasn't had years of bad training

This little haffie is quite cute and is adorable over fences but looks like she needs some more training on the flat and I don't really like her gaits. 

Too bad I don't have this kind of money available. He would be tons of fun!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Vote for Tarra and I in a barn buddies contest. It's run through Smartpak and the winners receive a leather halter and gift certificate to Smartpak. :) Voting ends on the 16th.  Just "like" our photo.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cute Picture

The photographer at the show captured a cute moment with Erin and Roz. This was his second attempt at this fence and he decided he better really jump it. Silly pony. I like that her eyes are up and looking to the next thing, even though she isn't quite with his motion.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Video of the rides today

And...the quote of the day from Erin. They observed a moment of silence in memory of 9/11. Right after they announced it Erin says "wait, does that mean we can't talk!?" Silly girl. :) 


The day started early with Roz being picked up at 6:30. I got to his house around 6:15 and started putting his braids up. I also wrapped him and Erin clipped his whiskers and bridle path. We were ready to roll when Tarra and Sharon showed up. Roz loaded right up (as usual) and off we went to pick up Mystic. Mystic too hopped on in and we hit the road. We arrived at the show in plenty of time and got checked in before unloading the boys. We left the ponies with Sharon while we headed out to walk the cross country course. It consisted of 18 fences, of varying heights. We had to weave around the whole field and it was actually a pretty challenging course for an intro event. 

Tarra was up first, and it turned out that they were running 30 minutes late. After she warmed up she spent some time just sitting around. After a good solid dressage test with Mystic Erin and I hurried off to get Roz ready. As we walked down to warm up I realized that I forgot Erin's number. Back to the trailer I went, leaving Erin to walk Roz around under Sharon's supervision. I checked in with the gate keeper on my way back and found out we only had 2 more rides before Erin was up. Since Roz had been trekking around the place all day I set her right to work trotting. He was very forward and bouncy. He warmed up nicely and we moved over to the show arena to wait. Once in he wasn't super round but had a nice consistent test and did what he was supposed to do. 

We hustled back to the trailer to get Roz's tack changed for them to go cross country. Once we had his boots on, saddle pad changed, and switched out our whip we were ready to go. They had a little bit of time to walk around before we started warming up over fences. The arena was empty except for one rider so that was really nice. Roz refused the first crossrail and I was concerned that may set the pace for the rest of the day. I gave Erin a few things to correct and they approached again. Roz jumped no problem. After that they had a nice consistent warm up and he worked really well. Once she was up they trotted through the start flags to the first fence. Roz jumped the first 3 fences happily but refused the 4th fence which was an up bank. When Erin re-presented him to it he jumped right up. The 5th fence was set coming out of the woods and was a 90 degree turn with about 2 strides before the fence. Thankfully it was a very small log and Roz popped right over it. They had a few easy fences before reaching fence 8 which was the largest fence on the course. He had a run out there but jumped right over the second time around. The log "lump" was next and although he had to take a look at it he had no problem jumping. Next was just a weird ramp up on to their bank. Horses had to go up the ramp and just walk back down. I'm thinking they put this in as a schooling opportunity for the horses and riders so they are introduced to the bank. They had one more refusal at the next fence and I honestly think the whole thing was a surprise to Roz. When you watch it in the video you can't even tell he is going to a fence. He just needed a little stronger ride to the few fences he refused and I think they would have done just fine. You can see the "old" Roz really kick in as he is coming to the last fence, and unfortunately they missed the finish flags. They got eliminated but all in all I think it was a great learning experience and I am sure she won't make that mistake again.  

Overall I am so pleased that he is sound and able to continue competing and also that he did what he was supposed to do for Erin. He's really a trustworthy boy and they are just going to do better and better as Erin gains experience doing this kind of thing. 

Ready to go

Let's play!

"Good boy Roz"

So cute

Watching some rides

Roz and his girls

The crew

The gorgeous boy

Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Boy!

Roz and Erin have been working hard this week in preparation for the horse show tomorrow. Thursday we learned her dressage test and ran through it a couple times. Last night we practiced our jumping and today I gave Roz a little tune up before working through his test one last time.

Last night was the the hardest jumping schooling we have done with him since February. He was a little bit of a wild child and Erin had to have a bit of a discussion with him about behaving himself. I set up the quarter rounds for them to jump as a "scary" fence. It's probably one of Roz's least favorite fences of all times. He ran out the first time, which I expected him to do. Once he runs out at something he normally just runs to it and jumps. It's like if he can just get over it fast it will be okay. :) He got to take a couple of flying leaps at it before we made him come back and mind his manners. They included it in a couple courses towards the end of the session and Roz was great! The did have one big slip while riding out in the field and I was a little bit concerned that he may have tweaked something. Thankfully he seemed just fine after it happened and felt great this morning.

We keep increasing his workload and he just keeps feeling better and better! I finally feel like we are getting the old Roz back in terms of his gaits and the work he is able to do. I am beyond happy about it! Tonight we will get him all bathed and braided so we are ready for our 6:30am trailer ride.

On another note I got a canvas print made from one of the photos Erica took earlier this summer. It turned out great!

I had to take this at an angle because otherwise there was a glare off of the photo

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Updated Pants Photos

Here are the long promised Pants pictures. These were taken about a week ago. Isn't he handsome?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Cross Country Schooling

I love having Monday off work! It always seems like such an extra long weekend when you get Monday off. :) Tarra and I got up early-ish and headed out to Inavale to go cross country schooling. We are heading to an Eventing Derby next weekend and wanted to have everyone ready to go. Our first stop was the water, Roz wandered right in and got a drink and began splashing. Mystic took that as a good sign and went right in too! Obviously it's very important for an event horse that's willing to go in water! Roz has always been really easy about it and I am so glad. It looks like Mystic should be the same way.

After that we started warming up and found a nice log to jump. Roz refused it the first time but circled back and jumped it just fine. I then decided to do a down bank on him since I don't think I ever really have. Rumor has it the intro division at the show Erin is taking him to, has banks. I wanted to make sure that he had seen one recently. He wasn't thrilled about it and stood at the edge for a couple minutes. Mystic showed us how it was done twice, and Roz finally decided to follow along. We did the down bank twice and continued on to more logs. He got super strong which is his signature jumping style. He did refuse a couple more fences but by the end he was jumping reliably. 

I'm not sure why he is refusing but it seems like if he doesn't get out enough he loses confidence. He was VERY reliable when I was competing him and very very rarely did he stop at anything. He has always been a little weird about small fences so I'm not sure if that plays into it too. He tends to be a bit more of a babysitter with Erin so I am hoping that he will be a rockstar this weekend. We'll see how it goes. Thankfully even if he refuses you can give him a spanking and he will jump no questions asked the next time. :) Here are a few pictures of our day. Overall Roz was pretty good and I'm really glad I was able to get him out before the show. He is still feeling great soundness wise and he seems totally fine with the increase in workload with going back to jumping. Yah!

Chilling by the trailer while Mystic got his hair done

Cantering through the water

Running and jumping (his favorite)

Isn't Mystic adorable!? I love his front end. 

Rozzy hanging in the water

He was a happy camper

My Buddy

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weaning Pants

Yesterday was weaning day for Pants and Roxanne. I think it was a sad day for everyone involved. It's one of those things we knew was coming but no one was looking forward to it. April and I were both concerned about how the loading/unloading of Roxy would go since we knew she would be pretty upset. Most of August April did fence line weaning with them; Roxy in one field and Pants next door. They were together at night only. You could definitely see them both becoming more independent of each other and during that time we were able to handle each one separate of the other more easily but knew we needed to make one final, clean break. We decided to sedate Roxy a little bit before moving her to reduce the chances of someone getting hurt and it worked really well! We had a super smooth move. We gave her the sedative and began walking towards the trailer. She loaded right up and Pants had run over to the fence whinnying at her. She really didn't seem to notice and as soon as we got her tied I got on the road. What was heartbreaking was watching Pants race down the fence line after us. It was SO SAD! Once we got home (a 5 minute drive from the barn) Roxy calmly unloaded and looked around her paddock. She has done some screaming for him and seems sad but hasn't been crazy at all. She is supposed to be moving to her new home on Tuesday and I think that will be a lot nicer for her as there will be other horses around. I haven't seen Pants since I took Roxy but I have heard that he is doing fine as well.